Ying Fan Reinfelder: Three Hydrologic Depths of the Earth’s Critical Zone

October 25, 2017 – Dr. Ying Fan Reinfelder, Rutgers University:
„Three Hydrologic Depths of the Earth’s Critical Zone“
The Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS) and the School of Environment and Sustainability are proud to present the Distinguished Lecture Series, a weekly seminar series featuring top water experts from around the world. For more information go to https://water.usask.ca/lecture-series/dls.php

Cents training | Three Recommendations tends Primary Investments

Penny Stock 101 | Three Keys to Fundamental Trading

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Pandas Time Group Analysis three: Moving and Sheath

Pandas Time Series Analysis 6: Shifting and Lagging

Shifting and lagging is used to shift or lag the values in a time series back and forward in time. shift and tshift methods can be called on datadframe and timeseries both to either shift values or datetimes. https://github.com/codebasics/py/blob/master/pandas/20_shift_lag/pandas_shift_lag.ipynb

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