STOCK INVESTMENT IDEAS | 3 Dramatic Korean Stocks for 2018


Stock investment ideas are everywhere – even in the most popular Korean Dramas!

Watch to find out how we manage to pick these ideas simply by just watching them!


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good and bad strategies for investing in the stock market

Good and Bad Strategies for Investing in Securities

Last week we talked about evaluating securities investments, today we are going to discuss a couple of good strategies, and a few bad ones for investing in securities.


This is one of the most common strategies, and I don’t see anything wrong with it!

You buy stocks in a specific company, that you have researched, and then hold it for a long time!

The key here is that you have researched the company, and you don’t plan to watch the price every day. You plan to hold it for years, and don’t worry about little volatilities over the short term!

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging is my favorite way to invest in the stock market. This is a very simple strategy that takes the emotion out of your investments. This is also why I prefer investing in the TSP and index funds, over purchasing individual stocks.

The idea of dollar-cost averaging is simple; you buy the same dollar amount of stock every month, no matter what.

When the market is trending upward, you invest 0/month, and when the market is trending downwards, you still invest 0/month. This allows you to invest without making emotional decisions and averages out your return. When the market is down, your 0 purchases more shares, and when the market is high it buys fewer shares, but at a higher value. Either way, you just keep investing in the market for the long term.

This is how your TSP works. If you chose to contribute 10% of your paycheck to your TSP, then you will buy stock with 10% of your paycheck regardless of what the market is doing.

This is simple, emotionless, investing at its finest.

Other Strategies

There are a ton of ways you can invest in Securities. Many of them are great options, and some of them not-so-great. While I utilize real estate as my main investment vessel, I have utilized all of the above strategies, and I definitely love index funds, the TSP, and some dividend stocks.

Below are three strategies I personally stay clear of. I would advise you to be extremely cautious when people are talking about how much money they make using these strategies.

I won’t tell you these strategies can’t be lucrative, they can, but in my experience 95% of the people talking about these strategies make more money teaching them, than they do using them.

Until the day one of these investors shows me their portfolio, or tax return, to validate their personal return (not what one of their mentors earns), I won’t touch these strategies.

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My name is David Pere, I am an active duty Marine, and have realized that service members and the working class use the phrase „I don’t get paid enough“ entirely too often. The reality is that most often our financial situation is self-inflicted. After having success with real estate investing, I started From Military to Millionaire to teach personal finance and real estate investing to service members and the working class. As a result, I have helped many of my readers increase their savings gap, and increase their chances of achieving financial freedom!

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Stock Investment Portfolio Game Plan – How I Manage $300,000 (401k, 457, Roth IRA)

Stock Investment Portfolio Game Plan – How I Manage 0,000 (401k, 457, Roth IRA)
#investing #fidelityinvestments #investingforbeginners #stockmarket

In this video, I walk you through my stock investment portfolios. I think it’s important for beginning investors to visualize what a successful investor’s portfolio looks like.

In my 20 years of investing, I managed to grow my 00 life savings into over 0,000 while paying off over 0,000 in debt.
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In this video, I share my holdings and my game plan for my emergency fund and my investment portfolios. I’m able to invest in individual stocks in my 401k and 457 retirement plans through Fidelity BrokerageLink, offered by my employer.

1:23 Emergency Fund
3:40 401K Portfolio
5:31 457 Portfolio
9:08 Roth IRA Portfolio
Free Investment Ebook

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First Stock

Free Emergency Fund Calculator

Emergency Fund Calculator

The Best S&P 500 ETFs

Best Places to Park Your Emergency Fund

The 3 Best Places to Park Your Emergency Fund in 2020

Stock of the Month

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. This video is based on my opinion, provided „as-is“, and for entertainment purposes only.
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Should College Students Invest in Stock Market?

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Everything you need to know to get started as a College Student or really anyone. Timecode links are below. Enjoy!


Intro: 0:00
Stock Market Background 1:41
Mutual Funds 2:27
ETFs 2:57
QQQ 3:25
401ks 5:13
IRAs 6:13
How to Make a Market Order 8:45
Stop Losses 9:29
The Trend of the Market 11:30
GMI Indicator 11:43
Summary 13:01

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In this video I go over the basics of investing in the stock market. This is knowledge that I believe everyone should be aware of.

I cover general information such as what mutual funds and ETFs are, to more specific stuff such as how to determine the trend of the market and make market orders.

Please go ahead and leave a like on this video it took me a long time to put together. And please leave any questions you have in the comments section below. Have a good one!

Always do your own research, this video is for educational purposes only. And always use a stop loss when investing.

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Best Stock Trading Apps In Germany 2020 (Beginners Guide) – FxBeginner.Net

Here’s the best stock trading apps in Germany that accepts German stock traders.

IQ Option App –

ExpertOption App –

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Olymp Trade App –

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Finding the best stock market app as a German investor can be a difficult process. Most especially getting the ones that accept German stock traders and would let you trade stocks on your iOS or android device. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve listed the top best stock investment apps that would let you as a German stock trader, trade Growth stocks, Tech stocks, Small-cap, Mid-cap and Large-cap stocks.

Multivariate Time Series Prediction with LSTM and Multiple features (Predict Google Stock Price)

Build a Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) to predict value which can be impacted by multiple different features.

In this video I demonstrate how to use LSTM to predict Google Stock price (you can use any other case) by taking into consideration multiple predictors (features). Let’s say, the final stock price can be predicted by finding importance of such features as historical low price, high price, volume, adj. price, etc.

Link to github notebook:

The video has 3 parts:
– Part 01. Data pre-processing (4:11)
| Step 01: Read data.
| Step 02: Data pre-processing (shaping and transformations).

– Part 02. Create a LSTM model and train it. (10:39)
| Step 03: Building-up the LSTM based Neural Network.
| Step 04: Start training.

– Part 03. Make future predictions. (13:50)
| Step 05: Make predictions for future date.
| Step 06: Visualize the predictions.

In this tutorial I used Tensorflow 1.15.0 and Keras 2.3.1

Download data from: (check 1:59 in video).

This is real life Python code example for demonstration purposes, so the model is not very accuracy and of course could be improved or tuned.

My goal of this Python tutorial is to demonstrate how to perform LSTM predictions with multiple features (complex dataset).

Hoping it will help to undersant the way it could be implemented in real Data Science or Data Analysis projects. TIme Series forecasting with LSTM is the good choice if you want to manipulate with multiple different data features and see which ones has impact to predictions and which ones do not.

If you are interested how to run Tensorboard on this LSTM Keras model, check this tutorial:

Sorry for video quality. There were some unexpected issues with resolution.
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How To Invest $5000 (Investing $5000 In The Stock Market)

How To Invest 00 (Investing 00 In The Stock Market)

What if I had 00 to invest in the stock market? What if I was just starting out, all over again, and wanted to invest my first 00 in stocks? Today’s video discusses this very hypothetical question, from a dividend growth investing perspective. Learn how I would personally invest five thousand dollars for passive income and cash flow.

In particular, I would:
(1) Buy three stocks, with roughly equal investments in each. Focus on three sectors: consumer non-cyclical food and beverage, consumer non-cyclical household products, and healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical devices, and household products). I love these sectors for the long-term because everyone needs these items in both good and bad economies.
(2) Leverage dividend reinvestment plans (or DRIPs) for at least two of the three stocks. Open a low-cost brokerage account with dividend reinvestment for the third stock, if a no fee (or low fee) DRIP did not exist.
(3) Make lump sum investments, however stagger my investments one month at a time. It would take three total months to deploy my 00 in the stock market.
(4) Reinvest all dividends, compounding my passive income portfolio over time. (Eventually, I would not reinvest dividends and would live off the cash flow. In the short and medium-term, however, I would reinvest dividends to fuel portfolio growth.)
(5) Make periodic, ongoing investments. Since I would own three stocks, I would allocate capital to the one that has the most favorable valuation at the time of my purchase.
(6) Focus on blue chip stocks with international exposure (including India and Africa).
(7) Strive to purchase stocks with a long history of 7% year-over-year dividend growth.
(8) Focus on stocks with payout ratios in the 50% range.
(9) Focus on stocks with a starting yield in the 3% range (although anywhere from 2.0%-3.25% should do just fine).

Let’s assume for minute that I don’t care about capital appreciation and these three stocks go nowhere over the next 30 years. Let’s also assume I don’t reinvest dividends (although that is not true). From a conservative modeling standpoint, my yield on cost would be 23% after 30 years. Meaning: I would receive ,150 in dividend income each year for the rest of my life. That’s a nice stream of cash flow for my 00 initial investment. And, that’s a really conservative model (in my opinion).

Today’s video highlights the power and beauty of dividend growth investing. Starting with just 00 is a solid foundation and a great way to begin one’s dividend stock journey.

Please note that today’s video builds on my last video about investing your first 00:

If you’re researching stock brokers for dividend growth investing, you may want to check out this recent video:

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor, and today’s video is just for entertainment and fun. This video is NOT investment advice. Please talk to your licensed investment advisor before making any financial decisions.
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The moment the stock collisions so you have been totally backed shares

You’re gonna have a bad time. Learn how you can crash-proof your portfolio with practical advice from my friend, Stephen Spicer of Spicer Capital.
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Want to grow your investment accounts? Join me as I take the #10to10Kchallenge and grow my Robinhood investment account from to ,000, build a portfolio of value stocks, and document the entire process for you to see!

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Video shared with permission from Stephen Spicer.
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Stock Price Speculation choosing a Continual Neural Network

This video is about how to predict the stock price of a company using a recurrent neural network. We will learn how to create our features and label and how to create a recurrent neural network using Keras.

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