Speculation with the use of RapidMiner and WEKA on the same facts

Prediction with RapidMiner and WEKA on the same data

This movie shows how to use RapidMiner or WEKA for prediction. It is also showen, how the binning is done. The used dataset could be found on: https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/allegheny-county-property-sale-transactions
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Stock Price Speculation choosing a Continual Neural Network

This video is about how to predict the stock price of a company using a recurrent neural network. We will learn how to create our features and label and how to create a recurrent neural network using Keras.

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Lloyd Eby „Rationality and Speculation without doubt Different kinds of Spatial Time frame Group“

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Facebook Stock Speculation By using Python And SVR

Predict FB Stock Price Using Support Vector Regression (SVR) Models In Python

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