BUS121 Chapter 11 – Investing in Bonds – Slides 29 to 51 – Spring 2019

Bonds are boring. Yep, there is no other way to get around that fact. But in the world of investing, boring can have many advantages. In general, bonds are reliable, consistent investments that during normal times, exhibit far less volatility than stocks and other riskier investments. (Volatility is the financial world’s fancy way of saying, „You can lose a lot of money!“) In this presentation, we delve into the world of bonds and you will learn why the famous industrialist Andrew Carnegie said, „Gentlemen prefer bonds.“

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A document prepared by research analyst that focuses on the performance of a particular stock or any sector or Country. An equity research report helps the investor to take an informed decision while making any particular investment. This presentation is helpful for equity research analyst and investment bankers with an objective to analyze the target companys financial performance, ratios and their financial model and help the investor take a buy or sell decision. In the beginning this presentation provides an overview of the equity research report and the analyst overview for the same. The analyst highlights provide an overview of the analyst opinion and a brief summary of the report. After understanding the summary of the report, and overview of the industry Is provided that studies the competitive environment and the key Industry trends. Once the industry scenario is understood, key highlights of the target company are identified. These highlight include the overview of the company, the income statement, balance sheet, vertical and horizontal analysis, shareholding pattern of the organization, its SWOT analysis and historical share price performance. After getting the general highlight of the organization, the financial ratios are then studied. These ratios can be liquidity ratio, asset management ratio, leverage ratio, profitability and valuation ratio. After understanding the key ratios of the organization, valuation analysis is done. Multiple valuation methods such as discounted cash flow, Relative value approach, and precedents analysis is done After analyzing the organization key risk factors are analyzed and ratings are provided to the same. In the end an overview of our organization is provided that includes the about the origination, the equity team structure and equity team members. To end the equity research report final review and rating are provided that gives an overall analyst rating. https://bit.ly/3jn6Zkp
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