Speculation with the use of RapidMiner and WEKA on the same facts

Prediction with RapidMiner and WEKA on the same data

This movie shows how to use RapidMiner or WEKA for prediction. It is also showen, how the binning is done. The used dataset could be found on: https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/allegheny-county-property-sale-transactions
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Developing Potential sales Projecting Model with RapidMiner

Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #8 - Financial Time Series Data Exploration

In this video I show the viewer how to use Rapid Miner’s Time Series plugin to explore time series data. This is a prep for videos #9 and #10 that will teach the viewers how to make financial time series predictions.
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RapidMiner Training information through How to calculate for new necessary keep estimate tends Make the grade

Once we’ve decided on the most suitable model for a particular prediction problem, how do we predict for new data? How do we save our new predictions to Excel to share them?
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How or when to use the fresh RapidMiner Valuable time Assortment Porch version 0.2.1 800

How to use the new RapidMiner Time Series Extension ver 0.2.1

Version 0.2.1 of the popular Time Series Extension for RapidMiner just got a lot better. Hear RapidMiner Researcher Fabian Temme explain the new features:

Five new operators: Extract Aggregates, Replace Missing Values (Series), Forecast Validation, Windowing, Process Windows

Plus new additions to the Time Series Extension samples folder and three new template process to work with the new operators in this extension (Create Model for Gas Prices, Investigate Gas Prices Data, and Forecast Validation of ARIMA Model for Lake Huron).