Spend money on US Shares of stock from Indian subcontinent is that All the facts in 10 minutes of time.

Investing in US share markets has garnered excess attention over the last few months. Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Facebook, Google – all stocks have given fabulous returns over the last six months. In this video, we answer the following questions
– What are the rules pertaining to investing in US stocks?
– How can one invest in US shares?
– What are the costs involved in buying US shares?
– What are the taxation rules on US shares?
– Should you invest in US shares?
– What are the alternatives to investing in US shares directly?

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The right time Assortment Forecasting with the use of Facebook Predictor and Python in 20 to 30 minutes

Time Series Forecasting with Facebook Prophet and Python in 20 Minutes

Trying to forecast the next best stock?

Want to predict the weather?

Maybe you’re just trying to get a better sales forecast for your small business!

Time series forecasting can help!

In this video you’ll learn how to QUICKLY use time series forecasting to produce a forecast. In just a couple of minutes you’ll be able to preprocess your dataset using Pandas and forecast over a number of time periods using Facebook Prophet.
In this video you’ll learn how to:
1. Preparing Data for Time Series FC
2. Training Prophet Time Series Models
3. Making forecast predictions


Links Mentioned:
Facebook Prophet: https://facebook.github.io/prophet/docs/quick_start.html

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Genetic Algorithm – explained in 4 minutes

Short introduction to the facts of using genetic algorithms in financial markets. Please review www.whentotrade.com for more details.

Watch a GA live in intraday trading: http://youtu.be/JXvJndqOvGc
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Simulating Natural Selection

There is an interactive simulation: https://labs.minutelabs.io/evolution-simulator
And an overview video of that simulator: https://youtu.be/6nMo8T3T0L4

A few places to learn more about evolution and natural selection:
Any intro biology text you might have access to.

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