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Kaggle Days China edition was held on October 19-20 at Damei Center, Beijing.

More than 400 data scientists and enthusiasts gathered to learn, make friends, and compete in a full-day offline competition.

Kaggle Days is produced by LogicAI and Kaggle.

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Kaggle LANL Quiver Prediction — Алексей Могильников

Kaggle LANL Earthquake Prediction — Алексей Могильников

Алексей Могильников рассказывает про соревнование Kaggle LANL Earthquake Prediction, в котором он заработал серебряную медаль.

Из этого видео вы сможете узнать:
– Обзор соревнования, про проблему землетрясений и почему она важна
– Как нужно начинать участвовать в соревновании
– Ключевые идеи и подходы к решению
– Подробности решения первого места

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Machine Learning in Time Series Forecasting | Kaggle M5 Forecasting Competition, Part 1: Overview

Kaggle has released a new competition for 0,000 total prize money. In this series we will work together on this competition from start to finish, learning some of the practical tools of machine learning and data analysis with Python.

In part 1 of this series I will go over the objectives and give you an overview of the competition. Please subscribe to stay tuned for more videos in the future.

You will find the competition here:
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Kaggle Test (Reside)

Two Sigma Investments published a 0,000 code competition on Kaggle that asks data scientists around the world to try their best to create an algorithm that can make predictions about anonymous financial instruments (like derivatives, assets, bonds). Normally, reinforcement learning is not used on Kaggle but in this live stream I’ll use reinforcement learning to help solve this challenge. This will serve as a great real-world use case for RL and I’ll also discuss some other common time series forecasting methods. Get hype!

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