pet godina Shares To pay attention to Now! 5G Stocks to get into?!

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Today we do a video about 5G stocks! Some feel these are stocks to buy now while other feel they are just stocks to watch. These 4 stocks are all going to benefit huge from 5G technology in my opinion. These are the kinds of stocks that will likely see big jumps in their stock price over the next 5 years, and will likely outperform the stock market in a major way! Enjoy! Free Stock picking checklist

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8 Best Short Term Carries to get into Now

8 Best Short Term Stocks to Buy Now

Top 8 Best Stocks to Buy Now Short Long Term SIP Portfolio investment Stocks Shares for Investment 2020 India Market for Beginners SmartMantra to buy now to invest in 2020
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Best SIP Portfolio for Short Term Investment
Best Stock Portfolio for Short Term in India
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Best Short Term Investment
Best Short Term Shares to Buy in India 2020
Best Short Term Stocks to Buy Right Now in India
Best Short term Investment Stocks
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Note:Investments in Stock Market are subject to Market Risk. Consult your financial advisor before trading / investing.

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An Introduction Into Foretelling of Using STATA

A brief introduction into STATA done for my CAT 125 Digital Media Storytelling Project.


Nonlinear Trend Curves:
Exponential trend (v={a}*exp({b}*t))
Logarithmic (v={a}+{b}*ln(t))
Power curve (v={a}*t^{b})
Reciprocal (v={a}+{b}/t)
Log reciprocal (v={a}*exp({b}/t))
Modified exponential (v={a}+{b}*exp({c}*t))
Gompertz (v={a}*exp({b}*exp({c}*t)))
Logistic (v={a}/(1+{b}*exp({c}*t)))

STATA Resource Page:
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This person Turned around $20K Into $2 Million (It’s possible to, Too)

This Guy Turned K Into  Million (You Can, Too)

Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) — Self-Directed Investor Chris Camillo discusses the strategy behind his investments. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s „Street Smart.“ (Source: Bloomberg)
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Put money into E-Gaming Stocks for big Commissions

Invest in E-Gaming Stocks for Massive Profits

The world of e-gaming is exploding. It’s being driven by millennials who grew up with video games and are now turning to mobile devices — turning gaming into profits. Here’s how to profit now, as new technologies push it to new heights. In this video, I discuss:
• Millennials are taking the lead on a new industry in e-gaming, and generation Z is following in their footsteps.
• Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are making it far more engaging and accessible.
• E-sports — where people compete in video games for money — is a new era in sports, rivaling old-sports worlds of football, baseball, and basketball for younger generations.
• Two ways to profit — from an ETF and a new stock Paul Mampilly will be adding to his Extreme Fortunes service.

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About Paul Mampilly:
Paul Mampilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager. Paul has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He is the founder of the popular investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, where he uses his skills, experience and knowledge as a former Wall Street insider to guide his more than 130,000 subscribers into stocks that are primed to shoot higher.

Paul’s Services:
In Profits Unlimited, Paul introduces low-risk investments that are poised to explode higher as two major trends reshape the investing landscape:
True Momentum is built on the same strategy that Paul has used to capture gains of over 300% in his own personal accounts:
Extreme Fortunes is for the bold investor seeking life-changing profits:

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Learn how to parlay $20k into less expensive one million guessing in minor harvesting stocks

How to parlay k into  million speculating in junior mining stocks

Toronto, Canada investor and businessman Robert Hirschberg takes a ride with CEO.CA’s Carter Smith to talk about his extraordinary run of taking 0,000 to million during the last junior mining bull market. March 2015. Subscribe to
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Preferences to actually Investments directly into Investment

Alternatives to Investing into the Stock Market

Stock market got you down? Are you looking for alternatives to investing in mutual funds, stocks and bonds?

If so, you’re in luck! Here’s a look at some stock market alternatives that you can do with your money.

Put on't Put money into Vienna Without ever Keeping an eye on This Recording | Urdu Hindi | Azad Chaiwala Expose

I see too many people rush into investing in foreign countries, especially Dubai. Please watch this video and follow my advice before taking any such steps. I do not want you to make a loss or fail. Good luck otherwise.


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About Azad Chaiwala,

Hello, I’m Azad Chaiwala, a British serial entrepreneur and businessman of Pakistani origin. Having started from nothing, I have have made products and seen them being enjoyed by over a billion people a year.

♥ I thrive in startup level and growth hacking is my key skill.
♠ I spend a lot of time helping youngsters out with practical life coaching via my youtube channel.
♦ My main efforts are concentrated on the youth of my motherlands, India and Pakistan… moreso Pakistan.
♣ Most of my videos are in Urdu (pakistani) and Hindi (indian)…
✯ I’m an arch enemy of useless university degrees, believe learning should not exclusively be left to formal classrooms.
♥ Practical knowledge/experience can never be beaten and is far easier and quicker to acquire.
♠ I teach the reality of How to Find a Job or actual work experience/skills that someone will pay you for.
♦ Via my Channel I share my life experiences, both personal and professional
♣ My ambition is to be doing this full time or atleast 50% of my time.
# I aim to share atleast 100 easy business ideas in urdu/hindi.
# Answer as many question on how to make money in various industries and by starting your own business.

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Hi everyone! I just landed in Dubai today! Sharing a quick talk and chat with Pablo Santos, he followed the telco story well and has made money when #NOW was going up and he also took the opportunity to make money when the disclosure swung #ISM’s way.

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