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Kiplingers Tips to Investing Great success: Making a living Today in Carries, The foreign exchange market, Mutu

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Vijay Kedia Great success : Motivation for little speculators | Locals strictly

Vijay Kedia Success Story : Motivation for young investors!

In this video RandomTeachings have tried to depict vijay kedia sir’s journey of being
a small trader to being an inspiration to the young generation.
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When Damon’s mom said he couldn’t get the new pair of Jordan’s unless he bought a share of Nike, it got real. Real profitable!

What can we learn from Damon Williams‘ story?

1. Don’t be fooled, being successful is cool. Not only is Damon an accomplished investor, he is an honor student, athlete, model, and involved in acting. Get out there and get involved in something. Let your light shine, forget the haters!

2. The internet is a powerful learning tool! WorldStar and ESPN are cool, but the internet is so much more than just entertainment. The internet gives you an opportunity that has never existed in history before; instantaneous access to almost unlimited knowledge. With mobile devices, you can get any kind of information you want anywhere you are. No excuses, get out there and learn something!

3. Be careful about how much time you spent with distractions like watching TV, do everything in moderation. Damon said he could just go play a video game, but he rather put the work in and own part of the company that makes his game (literally).

4. Learn more about the things you are interested no matter how small. Opportunities for success are all around you. A pair of Nikes helped lead Damon to investing triumph.

5. To parents. Don’t be afraid to learn new things with your children; improving yourself can help improve them.

6. Return and give back. Damon helps empower his community by teaching younger children the skills he learned to be successful.

Last but not least:

7. Don’t wait to be great!

-Evan The Educator