Ftse 100 index 'HIGH Significance' Has To refrain from! Big RED FLAGS In the event that Committing to Britain and ireland Stock!

Looking for high value dividend or growth stocks to buy in 2020 with the pandemic crisis crash and oil price war? I’m going to show you the worst stocks to buy in the FTSE 100 & FTSE 250 and you’ll likely lose most of your money investing in them.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, if you seek financial advice, please see a licensed professional.

www.dividenddata.co.uk – Dividend Yield, Frequency & Dividend History.
www.simplywall.st – Payout Ratio’s, Balance sheets, Price to Earnings, Previous shareholder returns & Share dilutions.
Freetrade UK app – Was used to display the recent prices of these dividend stocks.

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Lair Buffett: In the event that Stocks and shares Get down, It's Nice thing about it | CNBC

I never know what markets are going to do, says Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway CEO sharing his observations. But I know what markets are going to do over a long period of time – they’re going to go up. We’ve always been a net buyer of stocks, says Buffett.
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Warren Buffett: When Stocks Go Down, It’s Good News | CNBC
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Stocks keep going down today as Amazon and Google both reported earning that disappointed investors. What should you do? How can we as investors continue to navigate this period of stock market volatility? Subscribe here for more content: http://bit.ly/SubscribeMichaelJay

10/26/2018 US stock performance:
DOW down 1.19%
NASDAQ down 2.06%
S&P 500 down 1.73%
AMZN down 7.82%
WDC down 18.18%

Market Summary and Individual Stock Discussion
00:22 Market performance summary of 10/24/2018
00:53 Worst performing stocks
01:30 ETF heat maps
02:43 Facebook stock price (FB stock)
03:07 Amazon stock price and earnings (AMZN stock)
04:33 Google stock price (GOOGL stock)
04:43 Netflix stock price (NFLX stock)
04:59 Apple stock price (AAPL stock)
05:35 Nvidia stock price (NVDA stock)
05:52 Western Digital stock price (WDC stock)
General Discussion and Lessons for Investors
06:58 Could anyone have seen this coming?
07:48 Passive investing warning
10:09 Watch out for bubbles/high valuation stocks
11:24 But don’t markets always go up?
12:45 Hypothetical stock market crash scenarios
14:02 Practical advice for times of market volatility

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// Value Stocks I’m Watching Series
In this series, we will be focusing on value stocks that appear to offer significant upside for long term investors.

// Stock Market News Series
In this series, we cover the latest stock market investment news and break down what it means for each stock going forward.

// My Public Stock Portfolio Series – #10to10Kchallenge
In this series, I grow my Robinhood investment account from to ,000, build a portfolio of value stocks, and document the entire process for you to see!

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11 Important aspects to Just watch In the event that Setting up Minor High Miners that in fact 11 Shares of stock Assessed

10 Things to Watch When Investing in Junior Gold Miners - 10 Stocks Analyzed

What do I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher:

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Investing in junior gold miners is investing in the Wild West. There is so much that can go wrong that you have to be really crazy to invest, like I am :-). I discuss 10 junior miners stocks, the Van Eck Junior Miners ETF (GDXJ) is also analyzed to see how it is not really a junior gold miner ETF. the things to watch range from net present values, political risks to gold price moves.
Despite the risks I still think buying a good gold miner stock is much better than owning gold because the risk is maybe higher but the potential return is exponentially higher.
The companies analyzed are KirkLand Gold, Pretium Resources, Regis Resources, Oceanagold, Alamos gold, Helca Mining, First Majestic Silver, B2Gold, Taho, Endeavour
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