Deal Ideas: 5 Uncomplicated Guide on how to Make income using The Investment

Investment Tips: 5 Simple Tips On How to Make Money From The Stock Market

#Investmenttips tayo ngayon, mga KaChink! If you are with stock market, then this video is for you!

Allow me to teach you this 5 simple tips on how to make money on stock market. Maraming nagsasabi na maraming nalulugi pagdating sa stocks, however marami paring interested sa investment ng stock market dahil malaki ang kita dito if you do it right. Just like in any other businesses, we must learn how to do our own due diligence. As an investor, hindi lang tayo dapat naglalagay ng pera sa mga investments. Aralin natin ang stock market. Paano kaya kumikita dito?

Speaking of kita, here are some basic investment tips na pwede niyong maapply when you join the stock market. Itong 5 basic investment tips na ito ay ilan lamang sa mga principles na maganda nating i-practice para tayo ay kumita sa stock market. Yung number 4 sa video, sobrang helpful siya lalo na sa mga nagsisimula palang sa industriya ng investment ng stock market. I-share niyo rin sa amin ang experience niyo pagdating sa investments at pag-usapan natin siya.

Also, if you are interested to learn more about this, we will be having a special webinar session with a stock expert, Mr. Mark Germo. Just type the word „Stock Market“ and we will give you the link to the session on Aug 24, 9pm – 12mn. See you there!


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All the basics about Index Investing in Philippine Stock Market through Mutual Funds and ETF (Exchange Traded Funds).

Download your quick start guide for beginners –

0:00 Intro
1:45 What is an Index
3:16 Stock Market Indeces
5:16 Philippine Stock Market Index
8:09 PSEi Total Return Index (PSEi TRI)
9:24 Index Investing
10:22 Advantages of Investing in Index
12:17 Risk when Investing in Index
14:31 How to Invest in an index in the Philippines
14:45 Index Mutual Funds
20:24 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
21:54 FMETF (First Metro Phil Equity ETF)
24:21 Index Investing Strategy

How to Open your Online Trading Account (kahit sa bahay) –
Online COL Financial Tutorial –
Investing Tips & Tricks –
Investing Fees & Strategies –
Market Timing (When to buy & sell stocks) –
How to get Dividends (Ex-Date, Record Date, Payment Date) –
Best Performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines –

Download your quick start guide for beginners –
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Surpass, Clinque and Displays for Deal Patrons

Excel, PowerPoint and Presentations for Investment Bankers

About this Course

Excel, PowerPoint and Presentations for Investment Bankers covers the soft skill parts of Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset series.

This course offers 41 lectures across 3 sections and everything is done with almost 10 hours of extensive video content. There is also 9 supporting Excel and PowerPoint supporting documents including some first class presentations.

In this course, we will be covering all the Excel and Power Point skills necessary become an investment banking analyst.

What should you expect from this course?

Students/Career Changers

– You will be able use Excel like a pro, as if you have been working in the industry for a few years
– Deliver first class presentations using the most well-know methods and tricks

Junior Employees

– You will get better and faster in Excel and PowerPoint, eyeing your promotion

Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs

– You will develop super useful Excel and PowerPoint skills to make your daily business much more efficient

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Use stock portfolio management techniques and strategies PowerPoint slides to make decisions about investment mix and policy, match investments to the objectives, allocate assets to an individual, balance risk against performance and more. Conduct SWOT analysis in trade-offs to maximize return at a given appetite for risk with the help of asset management PPT slides. We present you ready made Stock Portfolio Management PPT deck to showcase portfolio analysis in an engaging manner. Additionally, this PPT slide show also acts as a portfolio management tool for improved resource allocations as well as to cast spotlight on various portfolio risks. Address project portfolio issues by showing investment objectives, risk tolerance analysis, asset allocation, target modelling, financial planning and more. In short, stock managers can download this PowerPoint show to manage individual’s investments in the form of bonds, shares, cash, mutual funds etc. With this Stock Portfolio Management presentation deck, they can thoroughly discuss and deliver well customized investment solutions for a company and individuals thereby minimizing the risks and increasing the profit.
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Ok so what exactly is a Hit it off? For them to be a Better Deal Than Shares?

When companies need to borrow money, they can borrow it from banks, or they can borrow it from regular people like you and me. That’s where bonds come into play.

Bonds are debt instruments issued by companies, as well as municipalities like cities, states, and counties. The U.S. government also issues bonds – Treasury bonds.

When you buy bonds, you’re essentially agreeing to lend the issuer a certain amount of money for a preset period of time. The issuer, in turn, agrees to pay you a certain amount of interest over the life of your bonds, and then return your principal investment once the bonds mature, or comes due.

Let’s imagine you buy ,000 worth of Company X’s bonds at 4% interest for a 10-year term, and you hold those bonds until maturity. That means you’ll collect two 0 interest payments each year for a total of 0, and then, you’ll get your original ,000 back after a decade.

But collecting interest isn’t the only way you can make money from bonds. Bond values can fluctuate based on how the market or a given issuer is doing, so you might have the option to sell your bonds above face value, or for a price that’s higher than what you paid for them, and profit as a result.

Now some people like to lump bonds and stocks into the same general “investing” category, but the two are very different from one another. When you buy bonds, you’re lending the issuer money, and it’s obligated to pay you interest and return your principal later on.

When you buy stocks, you’re actually getting an ownership stake in the issuing company. If that company then does well, it might share its wealth in the form of dividends. You might also get voting rights that give you a say as to how that company operates. With bonds, you get paid regardless of whether the issuer is profitable – but you don’t get a say in how it manages its money. And remember, some bonds are issued by the government itself – and the government certainly doesn’t want your opinion on how it should run.

There are plenty of good reasons to add bonds to your portfolio. First, though there’s no such thing as a risk-free investment, they’re a relatively safe one compared to stocks because their values don’t tend to fluctuate quite as rapidly. And the better a job you do of vetting bond issuers, which you can do by looking up their credit ratings, the less likely you are to lose money on a bond investment.
Bonds are also a good way to secure a steady stream of income in the form of the semiannual interest payments we talked about earlier. Stock dividends, by contrast, aren’t guaranteed, because corporations aren’t contractually obligated to pay them the same way bond issuers are required to pay interest.

Furthermore, usually, when you collect dividends or interest, you’re required to pay taxes on that money. Some bonds, however, allow you to earn interest without owing the IRS taxes. Municipal bonds, for example, are always exempt from interest at the federal level. And if you buy municipal bonds issued by your home state, you’ll avoid state and local taxes as well. Treasury bonds, meanwhile, are always exempt from state and local taxes.

On the other hand, bonds do have their drawbacks. First, they require you to lock your money away for a potentially lengthy period of time, so if you’re the type who fears commitment, you might have some issues with that. From a financial perspective, tying up your money for what could be 10 years or more exposes you to something called interest rate risk.

We just learned that bonds pay a certain amount of interest, depending on what their contracts call for. But what happens if you buy 10-year bonds paying 4% interest, and a month later, that same issuer offers bonds at 4.5% interest? Suddenly, your bonds lose value, and you lose out on the added income that higher interest rate would’ve given you.

Furthermore, while bonds are considered safer than stocks, they’ve historically delivered lower returns. If you load up too heavily on bonds, you might limit your portfolio’s growth over time.

Ultimately, if you’re going to buy bonds, you might consider an approach called laddering. All that means is buying bonds that mature at different intervals rather than sinking a bunch of cash into bonds with a single maturity date. That way, you get access to your money along the way, leaving you free to reinvest it in other places or snag higher bond interest rates as they become available.
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How Much If you do Purchase the Initiating? | Price Volume for Stock Market Deal

How Much Should You Invest In The Beginning? | Initial Investment Size for Stock Market Investment

All of the information in the video is what I have been able to gather from my personal research. If there’s some part I missed, connect with me on Instagram or mention it in the comments down below. The aim is to help people get the right info in one place. Let’s make it happen!

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How to generate in Stock Segment Philippines how to Trading, Outcomes, Deal for beginners 2018

Beginners tutorial how to make money online with Dividends, Buying and Selling of Stocks in the Philippines Stock Exchange this 2018

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Ang topics na i discuss ko dito ay
1. Paano kumita sa Stocks with Dividends and Buying and Selling of stocks.
2. Paano mag simula sa stock market – or Ano ang mga kaylangan para makapag simula dito.
3. Risks sa stock market
4. FAQs

Hindi po ako expert sa stock market – Introduction lang ito para sa viewers ko para matutunan nila paano ba sila pwede kumita at mag invest dito. Bago kayo mag simula make sure na mag research maige bago kayo pumasok dito.

Huwag nyo din ituturing na financial advise yung mga dinuscuss ko dito – hindi ako magaling dito – Make your own research – sa youtube and google maraming mas expert sakin dito

Thanks and Goodluck

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Haven’t you heard of stocks? Shares? Ano nga ba ang mga ito? Paano nga ba ito?
Watch and learn now!

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Projecting The right time Group Records in R | Facebook’s Prophet Package deal 2017 & Billy His particular Google search numbers

An example of using Facebook’s recently released open source package prophet including,
– data scraped from Tom Brady’s Wikipedia page
– getting Wikipedia trend data
– time series plot
– handling missing data and log transform
– forecasting with Facebook’s prophet
– prediction
– plot of actual versus forecast data
– breaking and plotting forecast into trend, weekly seasonality & yearly seasonality components

prophet procedure is an additive regression model with following components:
– a piecewise linear or logistic growth curve trend
– a yearly seasonal component modeled using Fourier series
– a weekly seasonal component

forecasting is an important tool related to analyzing big data or working in data science field.

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, and is widely used by both academia and industry. R software works on both Windows and Mac-OS. It was ranked no. 1 in a KDnuggets poll on top languages for analytics, data mining, and data science. RStudio is a user friendly environment for R that has become popular.
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A pythonic tour of Facebook’s time series package. Intermediate level with basic statistics and time data familiarity required.

Jonathan Balaban is a senior data scientist, strategy consultant, and entrepreneur with ten years of private, public, and philanthropic experience. He currently teaches business professionals and leaders the art of impact-focused, practical data science at Metis.

Founded in 2003, Chicago Python User Group is one of the world’s most active programming language special interest groups with over 1,000 active members and many more prestigious alumni. Our main focus is the Python Programming Language.

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