PyCon HK 2017 that in fact Recurring Neural Platforms in Python: Keras and TensorFlow on time Series Research

PyCon HK 2017 - Recurrent Neural Networks in Python: Keras and TensorFlow for Time Series Analysis

PyCon Hong Kong 2017 Workshop

Recurrent Neural Networks in Python: Keras and TensorFlow for Time Series Analysis – by Matt O’Connor

A look at neural networks, specifically recurrent neural networks, and how to implement them in Python for various applications including time series (stock prediction) analysis, using popular machine learning libraries Keras and TensorFlow
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thee Has I'm Investing In is that March 2017 (SI)

3 Stocks I'm Investing In - AUGUST 2017 (SI)

Welcome to my world of Finance!!!
In this video I talk about the 3 stocks I’m investing in for the month of August 2017 – Nintendo, AMD, and Disney!!!

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Please be advised that I am not professionally licensed to give any financial advice. I am not telling anyone how to spend or invest their money. Take all of my videos as my own opinion and at your own risk.
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3 Shares I'M Investing NOW through January 2017 – GOLD Shares of stock Component I

Find out more about URANIUM INVESTING now: These are 3 mining stocks I am buying in April.

$ ANF Anfield Gold, with a mention of $ LUM Lumina Gold

$ F Fiore Exploration

$ SWA Sarama Resources

Look our for part II!

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Aileen Nielsen how to Time Group Study through PyCon 2017

„Speaker: Aileen Nielsen

Time series analysis is more relevant than ever with the rise of big data, the internet of things, and the general availability of data that follows events through time. This tutorial will introduce participants to the many versatile tools Python offers for exploring, analyzing, and predicting time series data. The tutorial will be a mix of lecture and practice, and it will be broken down into four components:

(1) Handling timestamped data in Python
(2) Commonly encountered problems with time series
(3) Time series prediction exercises
(4) Time series classification exercises

Slides can be found at: and“
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Weed Stocks and shares 2017 & 2018 through Anything that All you need is to Know (For newbies)

A good read for people who are new to investing
If you’re interested in marijuana stocks for whatever reason, this video will give you a brief overview. In the upcoming few years there should be a lot more attention and light shed onto companies that deal with marijuana. A lot of states are going to be legalizing recreational and the media will probably be all over it. The relevant stocks will probably go up as more and more people become aware that they exist.

Top 10 Stocks for 2017 and 2018!

Today we talk stock market related and the subject is top 10 stocks for 2017. Also the top 10 stocks for 2018. These 10 stocks are 10 of the strongest stocks in the stock market over the next year and a half as it relates to their revenue and/or profits exploding the next year and a half.
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