QuantConnect how to Exchange pairs Trading using Python

Learn how to select correlated pairs to build a long-short hedged pairs trading position with Python in QuantConnect.

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In this video I describe the results of a 14 hour trade bot on binance trading the coin pair ZEN-BNB. We see a profit of 4.4% over 14 hours, beating the ‚market‘ of .7%. Also discussed is the threshold settings for Neural Network strategy on Gekko.

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Intense Understanding in Python | Neural Platforms for Buying and selling | System Practicing Techniques | Quantra

Deep Learning in Python | Neural Networks for Trading | Machine Learning Algorithms | Quantra

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This Quantra video on Deep Learning in Python will give you an overview of a course for quants and traders to implement neural network and deep learning in financial markets. Offered by Dr. Ernest Chan, learn to use advanced techniques such as LSTM, RNN in live trading. Below are the topics covered in this course:

1. Neural Networks Trading Strategy
2. Adding deep learning layers
3. Recurrent Neural Networks
4. Long Short Term Memory units
5. Cross Validation in Keras
6. Live Trading models

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Quantra is an online education portal that specializes in Algorithmic and Quantitative trading. Quantra offers various bite-sized, self-paced and interactive courses that are perfect for busy professionals, seeking implementable knowledge in this domain.

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How you can make an effective Equipment Getting to know Fx trading Method in Python: Start

An introduction to the construction of a profitable machine learning strategy. Covers the basics of classification algorithms, data preprocessing, and feature selection. Discussion of Python machine learning resources; including the Sentdex channel, and the Python Machine learning book. In the next video we will look at different data sources and how to clean the data.

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FOREX Playlist:

*** Python Machine Learning – Sebastian Raschka ***

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SciKit-Learn Documentation:

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Here are some very useful websites if you would like to learn more about Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic.

Learn Artificial Neural Networks is website dedicated to providing educational information about artificial intelligence technologies. They have two great articles explaining Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic in details. There are also other articles related to AI.

In Akri Ltd, there is an article titled „From Logic to Fuzzy Logic“ which compares traditional logic and Fuzzy logic using real-world examples, showcasing how Fuzzy Logic has revolutionized the world.

Holos is an Europe-based company which provides its clients with products and services that improve the information access, support decisions and generate knowledge. In its company website, Holos explains how it integrates Fuzzy Logic into decision-making activities.

Here is an article explaining „A Fuzzy Logic based Trading System“

This article explains the importance of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic using diagrams to help understand.
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Time frame Group Data Visualizing By using Matplotlib and Seaborn in Python is that Article 10

In this Python for Data Science Tutorial you will learn about Time series Visualization in python using matplotlib and seaborn in jupyter notebook (Anaconda).

This is the 10th Video of Python for Data Science Course! In This series I will explain to you Python and Data Science all the time! It is a deep rooted fact, Python is the best programming language for data analysis because of its libraries for manipulating, storing, and gaining understanding from data. Watch this video to learn about the language that make Python the data science powerhouse. Jupyter Notebooks have become very popular in the last few years, and for good reason. They allow you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and markdown text. This can all be run from directly in the browser. It is an essential tool to learn if you are getting started in Data Science, but will also have tons of benefits outside of that field. Harvard Business Review named data scientist „the sexiest job of the 21st century.“ Python pandas is a commonly-used tool in the industry to easily and professionally clean, analyze, and visualize data of varying sizes and types. We’ll learn how to use pandas, Scipy, Sci-kit learn and matplotlib tools to extract meaningful insights and recommendations from real-world datasets.

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