Best pet godina Carries to get Now!

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You’ve seen wireless carriers touting it as the network of the future — heck you’ve probably seen it in Super Bowl ads and scary videos on the internet. But what exactly is 5G, and how can investors cash in on the next wave of connectivity?

In this YouTube special, our team gives you:
– Everything you need to know about 5G
– The industries to watch as the technology goes mainstream
– 5G stocks to watch 

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How to Make Amount of Carries by Invoice O'Neil that in fact Part

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Leavitt Brothers is a boutique research firm that provides market analysis and trading ideas to institutional and individual investors.
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Trading Essentials: Payment Carries through Best 5 Reasons why you should Own

High dividend-paying stocks with solid fundamentals are one of the safest and fastest ways to generate a solid return in the stock market.

Here are the top five reasons to own dividend stocks:

1. Dividends cushion the stock price
Yield support of the dividend which is the stock’s annual dividend divided by its share price creates a cushion against selling pressure as the stock price trends lower.
A lower stock price causes a higher yield thereby encouraging value-oriented investors to step in and offset the selling.
During a general downturn of the economy or a major stock market correction, those companies offering safe dividends find themselves better protected relative to the whole market.

2. Dividends protect you from short sellers
Short selling is the selling of a stock that the seller has borrowed from a broker in anticipation that the stock price will go lower. If the price drops, the short seller can buy back the stock at the lower price and make a profit on the difference.
A high dividend protects you from short-sellers, who are more reluctant to borrow money from a broker knowing that they are responsible for paying the dividend to the investor actually owning the stock. This scenario cuts into their potential profits.

3. Dividends generate quarterly income
The income you can receive from a decent yield can be significant, especially for retirees. A big advantage is that the taxes paid on dividend income are lower than those paid for earned income.

4. You can benefit from accidental high yielders
After a market crash some companies offering small, safe dividends end up with high dividend yields because the stock price has dropped dramatically.
Look for those accidental high yielders that provide more than 4 percent.

5. Dividends can grow your money faster
Dividend-yielding stocks make most sense in your IRA or 401(k) retirement portfolio where you can re-invest your payouts and let them compound tax-free for decades. Not only do you benefit from capital appreciation of a „best-of-breed“ stock over time, but you also typically receive a quarterly income from the dividend.

For the active investor looking for a reasonable level of safety of principal with the upside potential to earn a little more from your investment, then exploring the world of dividend-producing stocks is worth the little effort involved.

I encourage you to get started today in finding those great stocks that have the potential to produce consistently high returns for you.

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Exactly why Specific Carries perform better in comparison with Index Financial resources!

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Index Funds or Individual Stocks? This is a question many beginners struggle to answer when looking to get started in the markets. If you’re looking to invest in the stock market it is important to define your strategy from the beginning, and a key component of your strategy will be whether or not you want to invest in individual businesses.

In this video I talk about the ONE key reason why I (and you) should be investing the majority of our money into individual stocks. I explain what exactly index funds are, and provide an example of a life time portfolio investing in the US or Australian markets.

I then compare this with two other examples which demonstrate why individual stock picking is clearly superior if you are willing to put in the work.

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