An Introduction Into Foretelling of Using STATA

A brief introduction into STATA done for my CAT 125 Digital Media Storytelling Project.


Nonlinear Trend Curves:
Exponential trend (v={a}*exp({b}*t))
Logarithmic (v={a}+{b}*ln(t))
Power curve (v={a}*t^{b})
Reciprocal (v={a}+{b}/t)
Log reciprocal (v={a}*exp({b}/t))
Modified exponential (v={a}+{b}*exp({c}*t))
Gompertz (v={a}*exp({b}*exp({c}*t)))
Logistic (v={a}/(1+{b}*exp({c}*t)))

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Flipping routines how to show for stocks and shares in Japan

There are free tools to help screen for investing ideas. I do this by example using tools from Financial Times to screen for ideas in one market – Japan. for the screener for charting tools with free delayed data
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Keras Tutorial #4 that in fact LSTM Content Era

This video is about building a model that can generate text using Keras. We are using an LSTM network to generate the text.

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Time series data, in today’s age, is ubiquitous. With the emerge of sensors, IOT devices it is spanning over all the modern aspects of life from basic household devices to self-driving cars affecting all for lives. Thus classification of time series is of unique importance in current time. With the advent of deep learning techniques , there have been influx of focus on Recurrent Neural Nets (RNN) in solving tasks related with sequence and rightly so. In this talk, I would attempt to describe the reason for success of RNN’s in sequence data. Eventually we would divert towards other techniques which should be looked into when working on such problems. I will phrase examples from healthcare domain and delve into some of the other usefull techniques that can be used from Deep Learning Domain and their usefullness.

Aditya Patel is the head of data science at Stasis and has 7+ years of experience spanning over the fields of Machine Learning and Signal Processing. He graduated with Dual Master’s degree in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California. He has presented his work in Machine learning at multiple peer reviewed conferences concerning healthcare domain, across the geography. He also contributed to first generation “Artificial Pancreas” project in Medtronic, Los Angeles. In his current role he is leading the advent of smart hospitals in Indian healthcare.
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Where you can Have Within a Markets Downturn

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If the market is falling, where can you hide your money? I cover some of the ways to take advantage of the falling markets while giving my thoughts on the upcoming reasons why the market continues the way it is and for how long.

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Stock picking is an art. This video will tell you all about „how to pick winning stocks for the long term and be a successful investor in the stock market for beginners. Get to know all of my stock picking strategies through this video. You will learn what to look in a share and how to analyze companies that can be potential multibaggers. Hopefully you will find this helpful in beginning your share market journey.

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