Genetic Algorithm – explained in 4 minutes

Short introduction to the facts of using genetic algorithms in financial markets. Please review for more details.

Watch a GA live in intraday trading:
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Simulating Natural Selection

There is an interactive simulation:
And an overview video of that simulator:

A few places to learn more about evolution and natural selection:
Any intro biology text you might have access to.

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10 ways to invest from Europe – Investing your Euros

How to invest from Europe in Euros is the question I get very often. Well, first an overview of the European economy, the Euro and then 10 investing strategies to think about over time.

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Time Series Analysis (Georgia Tech) – 5.2.2 – State Space Modelling – Prediction and Estimation

Time Series Analysis
Unit 5: Other Time Series Methods
Part 2: Multivariate Time Series Modelling
Lesson: 2 – State Space Modelling – Prediction and Estimation
Notes, Code, Data:

Creating a time series forecast when the series has a trend. Use excel’s „slope“ and „intercept“ commands to estimate the equation for a line and use it to forecast future values. Create a historical forecast using the line and compare it to actual data to evaluate the likely precision of your forecast.

7 UK Stocks To Buy

Welcome to JKR – Investing

Hi! my name is Jacob, and today, i talk about 7 UK Stocks To Buy

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Investment Tax – What You Need to Know – Should You Use an ISA?

Investment Tax - What You Need to Know - Should You Use an ISA?

We recently released a video on how to dodge tax legally, which proved to be extremely popular and we also get regularly asked about investment taxes and how an ISA protects your money.

What has been evident is that a lot of people are unclear about all the different ways investments are taxed, and what you can do to avoid paying what many people consider to be unfair taxes. Many people feel aggrieved that they had to work their ass off to earn this money and yet it’s still getting taxed when it’s invested.

Taxes are SO boring – but with investing getting easier and easier and more accessible then it’s worth spending a small amount of time to understand exactly how the government puts his hand in your pocket.

If you follow our investment strategy of building a simple but well diversified portfolio, with low fees and invested for the long term, all whilst doing everything in a tax efficient manner, then we would fully expect you to live a far more prosperous and happy life.

In this video, we’re going to talk about everything to do with investment taxes including dividend tax, capital gains tax, tax on interest, stamp duty, withholding tax, allowances, ISA’s and more. Let’s check it out…


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