Vienna's newest dependence: Trading

Hong Kong's newest addiction: Investing

The stock markets are everywhere in Hong Kong. From taxi drivers, to waiters, to professional traders, you don’t have to go far to find someone buying or selling.
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21 Antworten auf „Vienna's newest dependence: Trading“

  1. I am phasing out my Chinese penny stock exposure and if they get a dead cat bounce with stimulus, that's good. I'll be able to salvage my money a bit higher. It's clear president Xi's policy is failing and they don't have anything under control. China's GDP growth is heading to 0 in the medium term and that will crush their stocks. Record bankruptcies are coming, and even though you probably won't hear about it your wallet will feel it. Get out now:

  2. I'm a fan of your channel and I really appreciate the truth but it does get a tad depressing to hear all the negative information. Inform people what they can do to protect themselves.

  3. Those stocks seem to mostly be pretty small cap. Many of them penny stocks and on a massive downtrend that's much longer than the recent drop. If a stock worth 5 cents drops 3 cents that's a 60% decline, and not very uncommon for small cap high risk investments.

  4. The Stock market is a fraud and has nothing to do with the free market. It's just a part of a financial pyramid.
    One day some company is worth millions the next day trillions or vice versa while the company didn't change a bit.
    It's just another mechanism to make reach people even reacher.
    The only way out is to get rid of worthless currencies from thin air and get back to physical gold which you can't print or leverage from nothing.

  5. Dude, I've been following your channel forever and am greatly appreaciative of your efforts and drive to create this content. However, I have to say that your covers lately somewhat detract from the seriousness of your topics. It comes off arrogant to some and at worst, childish to others. Im saying this because a number of friends who I turned on to your channel have been turned off by it lately. I think its a mistake for them to stop listening for such a silly reason, but I just wanted to let you know of the trend I've seen in my social circle.

  6. The Money GPS, I believe it was not a computer algorithms. It was even worse. It was banksters and big hedge funds agreed to hit SL or margin call of everyone whom was trading that stocks + every jen pair (as also get affected) and then to re-buy it cheaper as hitting SL and margin calls created liquidity which could be used for they benefits. I do not think it was algorithms. It was pre planed evil man action.

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