Conjecturing festive day after day vacationer flow-seasonal support vector regression -adaptive genetic procedure

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Evolutionary/genetic algorithms are somewhat of a mystery to many in the machine learning discipline. You don’t see papers regularly published using them but they are a really fascinating subfield and in this video, we’re going to use a genetic algorithm to improve invaders in a space invaders game!

Code for this video:

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20 Antworten auf „Conjecturing festive day after day vacationer flow-seasonal support vector regression -adaptive genetic procedure“

  1. Hi Siraj,
    This is my first time commenting your videos but definitely not first time I watch them. So thank you so much for spreading and representing your ideas in such a nice way. 
    I have question: the genetic algorithm is introduced as a classification method introduced in my data mining textbook [Data mining concepts and techniques, 3rd Edtion], but I don't get it. How do you think this can be related to classification methods?

  2. Hei, Great knowledge comes from great source. Now you're are titled to be like a great source for me, Because I'm working on same topic. I want to know how to select best fitness population like how to write an algorithm for that? Because you wrote "random" function in python programming but then how to represent that when we write an algorithm for it, is there any formulae or anything? Please clarify my doubt. I would be great ful if you clarify it.

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