Dividend Committing! is that Surplus Carries!

Dividend Investing in dividend stocks. On the financial education channel we know about dividend investing and dividend stocks. I will teach you what are dividends and how to invest in dividend paying stocks. I hope you enjoyed the video all about dividends.

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19 Antworten auf „Dividend Committing! is that Surplus Carries!“

  1. When investing in a company that past the ex-dividend and the record dates can you still invest in shares and get paid the current dividend price or I had to buy before ex-dividend date to get it?

  2. Earning a rent on your rental property isn't where the leverage is. It's in going back and getting more debt, and buying more cashflow assets. IF you can do this w/dividend stocks, I'm in. If not, I'm … well…

  3. This has been very helpful. I am still trying to figure out all the details of dividends and how to estimate earnings vs just stock earnings. The only thing I wonder is, if the stock goes down, then the dividend pay back would also go down right because it's just a percentage of the stock? Or is the percentage of dividend always going to be at the price you bought the stock at?

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  5. Thanks for the great info on dividend stocks! Decided to come back here for a refresher as I rebalance my portfolio. My top 2 dividend stocks right now are WYNN and Apple!
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