The Trick In to Trading The Stock exchange – Dan Ramsey Seethe

The Trick To Investing In The Stock Market – Dave Ramsey Rant

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★ Should you trade the Dow or S&P500?
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Which is better to trade or invest in, S&P 500 or Dow Jones?

Dow: Spread on the Dow goes from 1.6 to 5.8
S&P 500: Spread on the S&P500 0.4 to 0.9; the tighter spreads are when the USA cash session is open so 2.30pm to 9pm UK time.

Dow: Margin typically is 0.5%
S&P 500: Margin typically is 0.5%

Dow trades rounds the clock
S&P 500: 14.30 to 23.00

The average true range of the Dow Jones is about 175 points as I’m recording this while the average true range of the S&P 500 is about 16 points. This is where things get a little bit different. So comparatively speaking, the bid-offer spread on the Dow Jones is better than the S&P. The percentage of the spread compared to the atr is more competitive on the Dow Jones; however the S&P 500 trades in 0.25 increments and 4 will make 1 point. The S&P 500 tends to be more stable as opposed the Dow Jones so you’re less likely to be taken out on everyday noise.
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22 Antworten auf „The Trick In to Trading The Stock exchange – Dan Ramsey Seethe“

  1. Even if stocks go down , one thing you have to remember . You will get paid the dividends . So you will keep earning money in that roller coaster ride no matter where the stock price is .

  2. Unless you were invested in the Janice funds that USwest and other companies like IBM used. If you did then you literally lost your life savings in the stock market.

  3. the key to his points and calmness is the lord. God said there will he troubles but as far as everything is concerned people will continue as always. troubles and rumors of trouble, only time that changes is when you see on the news planet changing meteor/asteroid shower, after that nothing will be the same your cash will be toilet paper so will your gold and everything else you thought had value. so investing is great and will grow for you until money becomes worthless lol

  4. Why the wussy act Dave? Recession is the time to spend more than your normal routine in the stock market. Any kind of recession is a Black Friday to me. My inner consumer kicks in

  5. The thing I hate about these videos about stock market performance is this oversimplified narrative that your investments are in direct correlation to what an index does. If you're in a 401K for many years, you put your money into the market in several tiny little pieces every paycheck. This mitigates your risk, but also your returns.

  6. I’ve paid off my debt and I saved up $10,000 and have $19,000 saved up in my TSP for retirement. I don’t know what to do next. I’m trying to learn the stock market so my money can work for me.

  7. Millionaires don`t put money in 401k`s or IRA`s You can only put up to 18k per year in 401k & if your earn more than 120k per year single you can`t save money in an IRA. I`m not sure where he gets his information…but then again he is only a Journalist not a financial adviser..

  8. Of course tons of people were totally wrecked and never recovered the wealth from 2009. The data is clear. Those in retirement didn’t have time to wait around for the recovery, they were living off it. A 50% decline requires a 200% gain, just to break even. And that takes years and years..

  9. Good video. I also saw the one on FTSE and DAX. Will there be one on Asian mkts? I'm looking forward to it. I hear India and Korea are the ones to trade right now.

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