36 Antworten auf „In preparation how to Linear regression – Example one(1) how to Feature first“

  1. Here we arrived at an Equation Y=441.77+359.6X,,,, let's try for X=10,as per our existing data we must get Y=4500. But Y value comes lesser than this…Means we must include some error value…Please clarify??????????????

  2. Great video. My textbook uses the same example you show.
    I have to admit that instructional videos like this one make it much easier for me to understand the concepts, compared to what a face to face lecture can provide (noisy students, less than optimal viewing point, limited time for lecturing, and the inability to rewind the instructor as many times as you need).

  3. wow so complicated for nothing (excel, not video). most people only want to know what the future value of something that has been growing or decreasing steadfastly is like a savings account or mortgage.

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