Time Combination of Projecting Example in RStudio

Demonstrates the forecasting process with a business example – the monthly dollar value of retail sales in the US from 1992-2017.

Link to Hyndman and Athanasopoulos: https://otexts.org/fpp2/
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20 Antworten auf „Time Combination of Projecting Example in RStudio“

  1. I was stuck in some command, before your lecture for 10 days ,but thank God now it is clear , superb explanation please continue uploading videos

  2. Thank you very much my good sir, greattt tutorial!!! is there a way to include a loop so we can use the arima model to forecast multiple timeseries? thank you again!

  3. Great video Adam! I'm fairly new to R and I had a question. What if I had daily data ? Would the time series (ts) line change in the code ?

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