How Trend Forecasting Makes Trading A lot simpler

Although TradeShark uses sophisticated technology to generate price forecasts, interpreting the indicators is simple and clear for all levels of traders. TradeShark indicators forecast trends with several time parameters, show how likely a trend is to continue during the next few days and predict the next day’s high and low price. Those are all valuable tools, especially for swing traders who trade short-term positions. See more at
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How to Calculate and Trade With the TSF Indicator in Excel

The Time Series Forecast (TSF) indicator is based on the linear regression. It is used by traders to forecast the future price. In this video I show how it can be calculated using Excel. I then show how this indicator can be used the trade the GBP/USD forex pair based on historic price data.

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  1. Hi Mark, this is great !! Just a quick one, is it the same as Linear Regression Curve (LRC) indicator that we usually see in trading platforms? If not, do you have any video or article on LRC please? Thanks.

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