Stock Market Prophecy

Can we predict the price of Microsoft stock using Machine Learning? We’ll train the Random Forest, Linear Regression, and Perceptron models on many years of historical price data as well as sentiment from news headlines to find out!

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-How do we become global investors with globally-connected markets?
-Traders need to adapt
-Use of easy-to-use tools and information
-How do we adapt a global investing strategy?
-By analyzing global market relationships
-What tools give us an edge in the global markets?
-Traders using an Artificial Intelligence trading tool have the edge. AI has the ability to process mass amounts of data and overcome emotional struggles and human capabilities

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20 Antworten auf „Stock Market Prophecy“

  1. hi, is it possible to use neuralnetwork to estimate American option price with using monte-carlo-simulation ? have anyone a good idea or link for me, thanks 🙂

  2. Doesn't this need to take the Federal Reserve attenuation of the money supply, their monetary policies into account (total evolutionary global function/fitness)? From economics, the Fed regulates the economy between inflation and recession/depression to prevent economic instability.

  3. I really do appreciate. Please I need an urgent video on ROUGH SET THEORY(RS) and its practical application area. Something more of a lecture please. My project is on STOCK PRICE PREDICTION USING ANN-RS. Please reach me through my mail: I will really appreciate. Thank you Siraj.

  4. just tried installing newsapi, pip says it is installed, but when I try 'from newsapi import NewsAPI' from 'Collection NY Times it fails.

    this fails on my aws instance (ubuntu community api machine learning) and local machine (Windows 10), both use Anaconda.

    I used

    pip install newsapi

    I get messages 'requirement already satisfied'

    when I try 'import newsapi' it works on my windows machine, but not on aws.
    when I try 'from newsapi import NewsAPI' I get error 'cannot import name 'NewsAPI'

    weird. are there multiple versions of newsapi? not often I find I can't resolve install problems, this is throwing me.

  5. Hi I downloaded you github but I am having trouble with the NewsAPI code the import fails where did you download the API from and how did you install it thenks

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