Lair Buffett: In the event that Stocks and shares Get down, It's Nice thing about it | CNBC

I never know what markets are going to do, says Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway CEO sharing his observations. But I know what markets are going to do over a long period of time – they’re going to go up. We’ve always been a net buyer of stocks, says Buffett.
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Warren Buffett: When Stocks Go Down, It’s Good News | CNBC
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Stocks keep going down today as Amazon and Google both reported earning that disappointed investors. What should you do? How can we as investors continue to navigate this period of stock market volatility? Subscribe here for more content:

10/26/2018 US stock performance:
DOW down 1.19%
NASDAQ down 2.06%
S&P 500 down 1.73%
AMZN down 7.82%
WDC down 18.18%

Market Summary and Individual Stock Discussion
00:22 Market performance summary of 10/24/2018
00:53 Worst performing stocks
01:30 ETF heat maps
02:43 Facebook stock price (FB stock)
03:07 Amazon stock price and earnings (AMZN stock)
04:33 Google stock price (GOOGL stock)
04:43 Netflix stock price (NFLX stock)
04:59 Apple stock price (AAPL stock)
05:35 Nvidia stock price (NVDA stock)
05:52 Western Digital stock price (WDC stock)
General Discussion and Lessons for Investors
06:58 Could anyone have seen this coming?
07:48 Passive investing warning
10:09 Watch out for bubbles/high valuation stocks
11:24 But don’t markets always go up?
12:45 Hypothetical stock market crash scenarios
14:02 Practical advice for times of market volatility

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39 Gedanken zu „Lair Buffett: In the event that Stocks and shares Get down, It's Nice thing about it | CNBC“

  1. Still…I dunno how Warren buys his stocks when they are down. How many companies and how much he put down on each of them? What is his magic formula???

  2. Funfact, Although Mr. Buffett has accumulated a vast amount of wealth he still lives in a modest single family home that bought for $31,500 in 1958 or about $250,000 in today's dollars.

  3. Warren Buffet is a criminal. The only way to become wealthy is to exploit another's labour. Labour exploitation is the worst criminality.

  4. He is fooling you. He buys companies, not stocks. Buying stocks is speculation. Buying companies based on the principles of simple accounting is his approach.

  5. I think the stock market will do the following: go up, go down, up, up, down, up, down, down, up, and then a bit sideways, then down, up, up, up, up, down, up, down, down, and then after that, I can't make a prediction – too far out to be accurate.

  6. I hope none of you are pulling out your hair over this continued recent market volatility! Stay level headed and keep a long term mindset.

    Thanks for watching and have a good weekend 🙂

  7. Great video as ever Michael. A stock market crash can be a great buying opportunity however it is often difficult to resist the temptation of buying stocks when things are going well. But as charlie munger says you make money when you wait

  8. learn how to read charts and buy puts……..same thing as a stock going up, just in reverse……its made me rich learning to trade both ways…..could you imagine buying a 1 dollar put and the market crashing…? you'de be rolling in money when others are crying……BEEN THERE !!!!!!!!

  9. Hello Michael,
    I love the videos! What are your thoughts on American Airlines? Seems undervalued, wanted to know what your thoughts were!

  10. Do you think in the economic climate buying stocks that are hitting 52 wk low with healthy financials are good value or do you think in a correction, bear market or recession they could drop further?

  11. Positive spin is APRE is barely above their 52 week low & is poised to go through the roof. This stock is so affordable, at $.0018 a share!

  12. Great vid! Do you think you could do a video explaining common terminology within the stock market? I know Google is there to do the same but I like hearing an actual person go over things in a bit more detail. Just a thought!

  13. Your editing skills are amazing. Can we get a video about how you do this. 🙂 MU has tanked really bad at least intel pays a dividend. Stay strong MU investors.

  14. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe rain, maybe snow.

    No one knows what will happen. Not saving piles of cash for this. Rather work on increasing cashflow, so later on if we get other corrections, I can take full advantage then. My portfolio is too small to worry about this.

  15. China always pursue win-win cooperation. But USA wants lose-lose!

    History will remember: Trump stated recession (peaked in various areas–> then going down) in 2018!

    Yes, he may make records (stock, employment+/unemployment rate, deficit, growth) in USA, but too short-sighted!

    Sustainable? may be very difficult!

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