Anyone made $1400 on Robinhood through RIETs and Hemp Shares

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In this Video: How I made 00 on Robinhood? Slow and Steady with RIETs and Cannabis Stocks.

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36 Antworten auf „Anyone made $1400 on Robinhood through RIETs and Hemp Shares“

  1. Someone said invest in cannabis yesterday. Someone else that doesn't even know them today said get to Robinhood app and invest in cannabis. I think God is telling me invest in cannabis. Might have to quit smoking it and spend 300 a month investing instead. Do I want to be high 24/7 or rich? Ahhhh, choices in life. Choices. So hard.

  2. Just want to know how can i receive my dividends? Ive been investing for couple of months, still haven’t receive any. I already checked my account history, and filter to dividends. I see nothing. Thank you for the answer.

  3. All of these comments mentioning how he didnt get to the point fast enough but dont realize how this information he provided is extremly important to know…sure you can just jump into the juicy part of things but without that understanding and knowledge he provided you wont know how to use that juicy information to the fullest and youll end up losing … great video!

  4. I can consistently get 10 percent per day but my red days are huge. I can usually get my red days back up in a few hours but i would like a simpler less risky trading style because putting that much risk on your money is so stressful, you can't stop worrying about it until you close that position

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