How you can Continuously Make cash Committing to Stocks and shares

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25 Antworten auf „How you can Continuously Make cash Committing to Stocks and shares“

  1. Are you guys not tired of typing "info" or "how" on almost all posts? Bitcoin is valuable and no one  will give you for free. Bitcoin doesn't mine overnight although many people claim that buts not possible otherwise they wouldn't be placing ads on facebook for people to come mine with them. I am Muhabat, An investor and also bitcoin miner, I have an investment proposal in Bitcoin that might interest you. It’s 100% trusted and guaranteed, you will never know how much this can change your life not until you give it a trial like I did. Undoubtedly bitcoin is the future currency.feel free to DM me or contact my broker Muhabat Seth on wattsapp +93744346636

  2. Ricky please if you can, answer this inquiry. I was listening to a video of this guy who is a major player from this group called The Oxford group. He was talking about a stock that was trading around three dollars that he says has all the markings if becoming the next monster like that of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc. He claimed that this stock actually fits all the criteria of these rare single stock retirement potentiality. In other words you could possibly retire on this one stock alone. Now he claims this stock is trading under an alias of sorts. The company is not trading under the actual name of said company. The CEO did this so he could quietly amass a huge portfolio of twenty nine thousand USA patents that are of the Tech genre and that they have more international patents to boot. The stock is trading around three dollars and according to what he claims that this company is building manufacturing plants in many US states including here where I live in Pennsylvania. He claims these people have inked deals with all the major tech companies including Apple, IBM etc etc. This company makes very critical components that are being used in almost every piece of tech that we use every day. He said that they have their tech inside of every Echo, every cell phone being made by Apple and they have their tech in Television made by Vizio and tech inside laptops etc. The catch was.of course that you must sign up to receive the Oxford Groups newsletter. He claimed that most likely president Trump will be making an announcement come the 15th of this month, October alongside this up and coming behemoth of a tech company to take glory in all the plants and jobs that are going to be created by said company. He said that the Vanguard Group purchased a shitload of this stock and many are already buzzing around ready for the kill. He said you won't even need to invest much at all you can.purchase very little be of said stick and still will make an incredible return. He said he's done so with Netflix when Netflix was still a fledgling of a company he didn't buy much he said around three to four thousand dollars of that stick.and today is more than enough for anyone to retire on. He also did so with Amazon in it's early days. He explained that he specializes in looking for these particular stocks. They are very rare and must fill many a criteria to be the kind of stock that can bring returns in the insane.percentage realm. I've tried to find out what this companies name is. He said the company doesn't use it's real name, it was purposely done that way so the founder could create his amazing tech patent collection which has proven to be the right move. So I was hoping you could please give your feedback on this subject matter and if possible the Name in which said company is trading under. It's trading around three dollars a share according to this Oxford guy. I was trying to find out both the real name of said company and the assumed trading name,? I would really appreciate your feedback on this subject matter.

  3. Is it okay to buy a stock with an extremely high dividend yield like FTR? I was planning on buying $10,000 worth of that stock to get that stock then use the money i get from dividends from them to buy other stocks with lower dividends. Just to speed up my dividend process.

  4. I'd like about $2,000 per month passive income in retirement. So I just need to slowly buy enough shares of various companies til I reach that goal. Correct?

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