Which happens to be Better how to Buildings Flipping or Investing in Stocks and shares?

The stock market and real estate are common effective investment vehicle but which one is better? Is there a better one between the two? Let’s dive into some of the things we must be aware of. A great answer awaits!

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6 Antworten auf „Which happens to be Better how to Buildings Flipping or Investing in Stocks and shares?“

  1. As someone who makes his living writing about the stock market, I think real estate is generally much better as an asset class. Few basic reasons

    1. Leverage
    Post crisis, one can hardly access any borrowing. Yes there are high leverage instruments like futures and options but that is not the same.

    2. Control
    In real estate, you can force appreciation. Due to the less volatile nature of the real estate market, the macro climate has much less affect on you, rather your ability to find, find and manage deals is the highest determinant.

    3. Inefficiency
    Due to the public nature of stocks, and algorithms, its much more difficult to find deals in the stock market. With inefficiency comes illiquidity, but thats a risk I'm happy with. Yes, micro caps are inefficient and deals can be found, however it takes much longer for the market to realize. With real estate, market realization is as simple as listing to the MLS or even doing some direct marketing

  2. Having been in the stock market the last 10 or so years, I can say "It Depends" – You "CAN" have better returns in the stock market on a good year… but it's not consistent year over year. You have your money locked away and you get no cash flow unless your investing in Dividend Stocks. With 100K in Dividends @3-4% that's only 3-4k per year and that gets taxed at 0-15% tax depending on bracket.
    I myself am moving into real estate now that I've invested in the stock market since the last 08 crash I feel I took advantage of the ride up and can now transition into real estate with my few 100k and create a nice passive nest egg and grow it from then on over the next 5+ years to live passively off rentals while getting "some/non appreciation".
    I can also write off repairs, depreciation, interest, etc against my net income and pay little to no taxes v.s having invested in stocks and have a year where my money decreases by 30-40% and it's making me very little cash flow.

    Brent- Stock Market / Real Estate Videos

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