Invest in Coin Before it Explodes Like Lithium and Indigo

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Nickel is used in Tesla Model 3 battery packs and demand is expected to grow, thus nickel makes an interesting and potentially positive investment. There is the possibility that it explodes like it was the case for lithium and cobalt that surged in prices and stocks accordingly.
We analyze the nickel sector, look at the costs and potential short term outlook. And will discuss potential nickel stocks in future videos.
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19 Antworten auf „Invest in Coin Before it Explodes Like Lithium and Indigo“

  1. I have been building a stockpile of French Coins (or other foreign coins made of pure nickel) for some time, to diversify my metal stockpile of Copper, Tin, Nickel, Silver!

  2. Check out amc on lse. They are a mining company and have massive amount of resources you mention in your video. It's predicted they are soon to be bought out once the market realises

  3. Awesome video! We should make a video together if you are interested. I made a video on if you should invest in lithium!! I think you should. Go check out my video and I’ll tell you why!!!

  4. GoldSilverPlatinumPalladiumRhodiumNickelZincTinCobaltChromiumNeodymium
    I don't know why Ethereum isn't almost ALL about this kind of assets right now…
    It was supposed to be the philosopher's stone linking maths, science & business !
    If there's ANYTHING worthy of being 'blockchained', Industrial Metals come FIRST.

  5. Hi Sven, really interesting article. Are you sure 92% of production of nickel is a by-product of other metal production? Where did you source that information? Regarding a pure nickel play, Horizonte Minerals is in the midst of its definitive feasibility study. It's a wholly owned nickel miner in Brazil, C1 cash cost in lowest quartile, will make money at the current Ni price and looking to start production 2020. It is also very likely as trial mining results have come in that the above costs will be even lower. Worth checking their web site. Listed on AIM/TSX.

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