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5g stocks to invest in for portfolio exposure to the 5g trend. We discuss 10, all different stocks, from value, growth to dividend ideas.

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19 Antworten auf „vise godina Carries To put money in For the upcoming neki period Development how to 11 investment inspiring ideas“

  1. My favorite company for 5G and IOT from this list would have to be Qualcom, they create the best processors used in Phones right now and have a large market share, but the issues with Apple could cause some short term volatility that investors must be aware of.

  2. Hi Dr. S. We were talking about China stocks. These would be ADR's that you explained are not really ownership in the Chinese company, but rather something very similar. What I am a little confused about is whether there is an arbitrage opportunity between the US invested ADR shares and the Chinese regular shares. Do these shares track each other, or do they diverge because there are two different buying communities (China and USA)? Thx.

  3. Would be very interested in your thoughts regarding AMAT (Applied Materials). Seems very tempting when comparing to AMD in regards to fundamentals, stability, and possibly being oversold at 43.

  4. Wanted to ask if you could check out a gold portfolio using m1finance from a great youtuber named blood phantom81. It is his newest video and the pie is created by several different gold silver companies. Please watch and feel free to share s comment. He is really great as are you. Hope to hear your thoughts

  5. Sven I recommend doing a deep dive on AMD, it can be seen to be a five bagger even a ten bagger if you put AMD and Intel income statements side-by-side and judge what the upside should be if AMD steals x% revenue from Intel, what the resulting earnings should be, and judge a market value for AMD from dcf or using a p/e of 10 or something. It requires a deep dive to know if AMD processors will beat Intel this is most of its business, without getting that right there is little point in valuing it IMO People will need or need to develop some competence to value this stock, but I think it's worth it because that industry is a little bit binary-much like their products…

  6. Sven, are these just for the infrastructure manufacturers and/or operators? Would you be looking into discussion of upstream services (satellite operators) and/or downstream service providers and the potential of each of those players along the entire supply/value chain?

  7. Thanks Sven. I would argue with you about qcom even on 50$ per share. 35-38$ range must be ok for entering. But for while i would let it go now like it is 🙂 It also applies for AMD. (fomo is there, fundamentals – as you said, not really there). For me interesting is 'unit'. Nevertheless, i also dont like growth companies because i am not a witch or forecaster. 🙂

  8. One question: Uniti. How it is possible to have forward pe of around 200, pe around 200 (or earnings yield 0.5%) and forward dividend yield of 12.77%?
    As far as I how, the dividends should be paid out of earnings.
    This seems like dividend payout ratio of 2500%, which looks like a chapter 13 soon.
    Or am I missing something?

  9. I'm really not on the 5G band wagon. It will require massive infrastructure upgrades and will be very slow benefits rolling out. Will it sell phones? I think so, but it will be anti climactic.

  10. After the collapse of Estern Bloc everything was so cheap in these countries.
    I was born in Bulgaria. But very few people took that risk cause nobody imagined they would be accepted in European Union.

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