Stock #13 that in fact DII Offering, Btc High, H1B Papers Bill [HINDI]

DII Selling is one of the key reasons for the sharp drop in Stock Market. The selling was selective in few stocks but the overall breadth of the share market was neutral or positive. Besides, DII Selling another reason was low volumes.

India’s 8 core sectors grew by 6.8% and the major contributors are Steel, Cement and Refinery Products. It is a positive development for these sectors.

The H1B VISA bill in the USA is not a good news for Indian IT Companies. The objective of this bill is to protect and grow American Jobs.

In India, Bitcoin is selling at a premium of 30%. The reason given by exchanges is that it is due to mismatch in the demand and supply. In my opinion, the reason is high volatility in the bitcoin prices in the international market is the key reason. The premium is basically a safety margin for the bitcoin exchanges.

L&T has bagged a contract of 2100 Cr from HPCL and Reliance Industries Limited.

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