The way to Commit to Your desired early twenties (In 2019)

In this video, we will discuss multiple investing strategies that someone in their 20’s could implement to build wealth and establish financial freedom. Making the decision to invest while in your 20’s will likely propel you above and beyond many of your peers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section!

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The best ways to Invest in your 20s | Investing for Beginners | Ankur Warikoo Hindi Video

How to invest in your 20s?
How to pick the right investment option?
What are the top investing mistakes to avoid?

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In this video, I will talk to you about the order of preference for your investments as beginners. We will also discuss how becoming a millionaire is not only about discipline in hard work, rather also discipline in how we use the money.


00:00 Intro
01:12 Should you take loans in your 20s?
02:36 My views on insurance
05:13 When you should start investing
05:49 What is the right investment ratio?
07:33 My question for you
11:29 Why it is important to start investing early in life
13:23 Where you should invest for high returns
15:49 What my investment portfolio looks like
18:17 Summary


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01:35 Should you buy or rent a house?
03:00 Choosing a Life Insurance
08:25 How inflation harms your investments:
14:30 Should you invest in stocks?
14:55 Stock market for beginners


सही निवेश के विकल्प कैसे चुनें?

शीर्ष निवेश की गलतियों से बचने के क्या तरीके हैं?

लगभग हर दिन, मुझे बहुत सारे कॉलेज के लोगों से मैसेज मिलता है कि वे जानते हैं कि उन्हें निवेश करना चाहिए, लेकिन पता नहीं कैसे और कहाँ!

इस वीडियो में, मैं आपसे आपके निवेश के क्रम के बारे में बात करूँगा। हम इस बात पर भी चर्चा करेंगे कि करोड़पति बनना न केवल कड़ी मेहनत में अनुशासन के बारे में है, बल्कि इसमें भी है कि हम उस धन का उपयोग कैसे करते हैं जो खुद को गुणा करना जानता है।

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Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, an angel investor, a mentor and an active public speaker.
For the past 4 years, Warikoo has been actively sharing content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter amassing a following of 1.8Mn+ people.
He posts 3 Hindi and English videos every week on his YouTube channel, where he talks about entrepreneurship, how to grow in life, personal finance and failure.

Warikoo started his entrepreneurial journey in 2008. His most recent startup is where he was the founder and CEO from 2015 until 2019.
Prior to that, Ankur started Groupon’s India business in 2011 and acted as the Country CEO from 2011-15, and Head of Groupon APAC from 2013-15.

An alumnus of the Indian School of Business, Ankur is an active Angel investor and mentor to several startups.

Ankur has been part of Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 List for India, LinkedIn India’s PowerProfiles List, LinkedIn India’s Spotlight List and India’s Top Executives under 40 list.

अंकुर वारिकू एक उद्यमी, एक एंजेल निवेशक, एक संरक्षक और एक सक्रिय सार्वजनिक वक्ता है।
पिछले 4 वर्षों से, वारिकू यूट्यूब पर सक्रिय रूप से सामग्री शेयर कर रहे है, लिंक्डइन, इंस्टाग्राम, फेसबुक और ट्विटर पर 1.8 मिलियन से भी अधिक‘ लोग उन्हें फॉलो करते हैं.

वे हर हफ्ते अपने यूट्यूब चैनल पर 3 हिंदी और अंग्रेजी वीडियो पोस्ट करते हैं, जहाँ वे उद्यमिता, जीवन में विकास कैसे हो, और व्यक्तिगत वित्त और विफलताओं के बारे में बात करते हैं।

वारिकू ने 2008 में अपनी उद्यमशीलता की यात्रा शुरू की थी। उनका सबसे हालिया स्टार्टअप हैं जिसमें वे 2015 से 2019 तक संस्थापक और सीईओ थे।
इससे पहले, अंकुर ने 2011 में Groupon का भारत व्यवसाय शुरू किया और 2011-15 से देश के सीईओ के रूप में कार्य किया और 2013-15 से Groupon APAC के प्रमुख थे।

अंकुर फॉर्च्यून मैगज़ीन के 40 अंडर 40 की सूची में भारत के लिए, लिंक्डइन इंडिया की पावरप्रोफाइल सूची, लिंक्डइन इंडिया की स्पॉटलाइट सूची और भारत के 40 शीर्ष कार्यकारी अधिकारियों सूची का भी हिस्सा रह चुके हैं।

36 Gedanken zu „The way to Commit to Your desired early twenties (In 2019)“

  1. Hi Nate, did your parents inspire you to hustle and be thrifty? Or did you just break the mold in your family by being the way you are? Good for you my young friend!

  2. 19 got my first job & saved like crazy under rent free haven with my mom
    21 – quit my first job – didn't have a car, license, or my own place,
    had money saved, but was foolish didn't take charge of my life to better myself right away
    spent half of it just buying basic necessities living in a small room at my moms for 1 year
    Looking for jobs, but quickly realized what a bad mistake I made quitting on spot without warning & without looking for work before hand
    22 – found a temporary job only to be laid off 3 months later
    6 months later – I had 100 dollars in my name
    I moved into my aunts & uncles place to a smaller city, found a job at a grocery store, went through a temp agency to find more work to clean & refurbishing i-pads
    spent the next year grinding 7 days a week no days off putting in 66 hrs a week saving as much money as possible living below my means off of the 120 piece pizza rolls for $10.
    23- I got my license after months of practicing then went out a bought a used 2010 toyota corolla for 6k total +1k in fees with cash
    got laid of my main job working that I was working m-f 50 hrs a week
    Went back to temp place on a Wednesday the same day I was laid off & they had a job for me lined up for me the following Monday
    For $12.50 instead of $9.50, money money but less hrs, but equaled out to what I was already making monthly and I was working 18 hrs less for it.
    My cousin finally put in a good word for me giving me the opportunity to work with him at a beer distribution company, but it was temporary position with the possibility of being hired
    Was told it was gonna be a solid 60-70 hrs a week making 13.50$ through monday-thursday & a short shift on fridays / so I quit my job at the grocery store & my recently new found job
    Only to be working barely 50 hrs, but still made the same amount monthly followed by you guessed it laid off again.
    Was out of work for a month before I muster up some more courage to get another job after being laid off for the third time and quitting multiple jobs trying to increase my income so I could afford to move out. So I went back to the temp place again , they asked if I had a forklift experience, and landed myself a $16 hr union job.
    I'm 25 now and finally just started investing money in my 401k. After saving up my emergency 5-6 months worth expenses.
    Just found out I might be getting laid off after my hrs were just cut :/

  3. i seriously wish i started saving, working hard and investing earlier in my 20s. I'm 27 now and i started doing all this 2 years ago and i literally paid off all my debt and now saving and investing now. If only i started doing all this when i was 20 or 21…

  4. How do taxes and retirement plan works in third rate countries?

    I'm living in Philippines btw
    And I'm glad to watch this at such a young age

  5. turned 30, spent my 20's in school. Saved first 10k in past few months, don't short change yourself, have some fun in your 20's but don't be stupid about it either.

  6. 'Living on the sidewalk'
    Dude i like your videos but you need some perspective.
    Mental illness, drug addiction, indentured family debt and inhibited growth possibilities due to explicit poverty lead to that kind abject kind of homelessness..
    Its a bit of specious reasoning to use it in a conflated bitta rhetoric re those who worked jobs without financial support systems.

    But i take your point, just be careful not to isolate your audience.

    For.instance, saving for 'retirement' sometimes falls apart when you get a chronic illness and your savings disapear into the void of the medical system n pharma n hence never have enough money to make self managed super and the likes a priority.

    Instead the nest egg becomes capital for staying healthy enough to work parttime or casual whereever you can and then tryna stay above.water with rent and bills.

    Thats my story n its pervasive for anyone who wasnt born middle class.

    Keep doing ya thing!

  7. If you are in your 20's, you better be thinking about your financial future now. I waited until my mid 40's and now playing catch up. I wish I had listened to someone like you when I was young.

  8. I'm so grateful I came across this video! I've been struggling with figuring out my finances as a college student, and this has given me some great insights for my future. Thank you so much!

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