Is it safe to Purchase the Us all Stock?

Most sensible World investment portfolios will aim to have their largest allocation in US equities. At Money Unshackled we aim to have somewhere around 25-40% of our portfolios in US shares and there are very good reasons for this.

Having a position in US stocks is essential but far too often we come across UK investors who foolishly, in our opinion, snub the largest investment market in the World. These UK investors have an irrational bias towards UK stocks.

Much of the reporting from the UK media is only ever about the FTSE 100, and historically, accessing international markets like the US was more difficult and expensive.

But with American companies dominating our lives and technological advances bringing down the cost of trading US shares, this has all changed!

In this video we are going to tell you why you should be investing in the US stock market. Let’s check it out…


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20 Gedanken zu „Is it safe to Purchase the Us all Stock?“

  1. Hi Andy and Ben, Thanks for this video, I have been looking into investing in the US for some time – I use 212 for obvious US stocks but have been advised to get into medical stock in the US and 212 doesn't offer these. After downloading STAKE I thought the ones I was looking for would be on there available to buy but they still are not, PLEASE could you advise on another good app I can use to do this, I have tried loads already and go through the whole process of signing up but then can't buy the stocks I'm looking for, I would really appreciate your help here if you are able to advise how to go about doing this? Thank you, Emma

  2. I agree UK residents shouild buy US stocks and European stocks. I think the main reason they don,t is, TAX and EXCHANGE rates just make it more complicated.

  3. Go follow SimpleInvestingUK on Instagram, someone investing in UK stocks and sharing their journey on Instagram without trying to sell you anything or spam you!

  4. Hello, is there any US ETF to invest in Trading212? I am impressed with your past videos about investing in ETF but could not find any US ETF in there. If there is none, could you please suggest some good ETF available there? Many thanks!

  5. Do you think we may be on the verge of a recession? Gdp has shrunk all over the world and the effects of that may last year's. Seems really risky to invest unless you in it for the long haul.

  6. Are you sure stake is a good app? Seems to be a lot of fees
    50 quid minimum deposit
    Has to be converted to dollars
    There's a minimum 2 dollar fee for withdrawing

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