What i Test MY Carries (Strictly Workshop)

HOW I ANALYSE MY STOCKS (Stock Market Seminar)


Hi everyone!

Sharing to you bits and pieces of our Stock Smarts sessions! In this video, I answer some of the questions sent out by our students and audiences!

In one of the questions, I tried to answer them by showing that technical analysis is not so time consuming because using technical analysis you can analyse the market very fast because it only takes a few seconds or minutes of your day to analyse stocks using technical analysis!

If you are still hesitant to study the market because you have been taught that it is too hard or too time consuming, I hope that this video gives you a new look and a new perspective on investing and trading using charts!

I hope that as we enter 2020, you get to start massively investing in the markets so that you can let your hard earned money massively work hard for you!

And there’s no better way to trade the markets than using technical analysis!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the video!

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Learn about the basics of growing your money through stock market investing in this COL webinar recorded on July 12, 2019.
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38 Gedanken zu „What i Test MY Carries (Strictly Workshop)“

  1. Hi sir

    Regarding sa "cut loss" niyo. When do you say the support was broken? I mean sa understanding ko may support line then pag lumampas dun, broken na.

    Pero not always naman yun di ba? Minsan lalampas lang onti then babalik din. Kumbaga nag bounce lang sa support. Tama po ba?

    And if yes, pano masasabi na broken na nga? Confirmation the next day? How far from the support line lalampas?

    Thanks again sir

  2. Sir, good am po.. I have learned investing in your videos.. because of you that is why I am now n investor two weeks ago.. tatanong lang po.. newbie lang eh.

    Much as I wanted to be a trader, gusto ko maging investor muna.. kaya lang napaisip ako, like these past days, umabot sa P450+ ang kita ko sa 5 stocks ko, pero after 2 days, bumagsak yung 2 kong stock na nabili, P321 something na lang. Ngayon, iniisip ko paanong aabot sa million ang kita ng investor sa stock market after 20yrs kung akyat baba ang presyo? Nagtatanong lang po, bka pwede nyo po mabigyan ng konting idea.. though I am thinking of being a trader na din pro gusto ko muna aralin maige.. salamat po sir.

  3. hi.. i want to invest on this.. i already had a face to face seminar on this in ortigas but i was not yet ready at that time.. now i want to start with your assistance.

  4. I think I have saved enough to invest, only to find that COL Financial suspended the registration of new accounts. I'm not sure if I should wait or look for other platforms/ways to invest… Would greatly appreciate knowing when I can open an account with COL.

  5. Gusto ko pong mag invest sa mutual fund ng 100k isang bagsak lng. Ano pong maipapayo nyo? Ano po ang mas maganda isang bagsakan hulog or buwanan hulog? Salamat po.

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