The superior Shares For Spring 2018 | Making investments 102

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19 Gedanken zu „The superior Shares For Spring 2018 | Making investments 102“

  1. 135 thousand subscribers when this video was made, and you're at 808 thousand subscribers when I'm discovering you for the first time. Loving the content. I've been catching up on the videos before I hop into trading. I have zero experience and barely any funds to start… but I have determination. Thank you for your service in breaking down this info. Much love, Ricky!

  2. Intel shows allot of opportunities, every day it falls with 2 dollars and then rises with 2 dollars, it's been doing this for months now

  3. I don't really know this but I am sorta getting an idea. lol. I'm a new subscriber. I like the way that you speak. It is loud enough and not too annoying and monotonous that I would fall asleep.

  4. Hi RIcky, what a video! First video I see from you and surely not the last. I just have some quick questions: each candles represent 4 hours right? And you blue EMA is set to 20 periods and your green SMA is set to 180 periods? Thank you for your help.

  5. Don't waste time on haters or people that bring negativity to your chat, they are either jealous or losers that cannot understand how to trade and its their way to express their frustration. I have no experience at all doing trading and im learning a lot from you. Some people think just because you make it look so easy, is gonna be easy for everyone else as well. Keep it up with the good and hard work.

  6. Can you keep these videos short, I feel like you are very repetitious, I don’t have the attention span to watch a YouTube video for more than 30 min

  7. I need to figure this out soon., Trying to make enough money to purchase the LPP but its not working for me. Ive watched A LOT of the videos online. Just seems that Im holding to long and getting in to late.

  8. Keep doing what you are doing. I am 56 and have learned some new techniques from you. We are at 12% profit. It is good to see a young person so energetic and apparently profitable. I am encouraging my children to watch your videos so they can better manage their money for the future.

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