Spend money on US Shares of stock from Indian subcontinent is that All the facts in 10 minutes of time.

Investing in US share markets has garnered excess attention over the last few months. Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Facebook, Google – all stocks have given fabulous returns over the last six months. In this video, we answer the following questions
– What are the rules pertaining to investing in US stocks?
– How can one invest in US shares?
– What are the costs involved in buying US shares?
– What are the taxation rules on US shares?
– Should you invest in US shares?
– What are the alternatives to investing in US shares directly?

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9 Gedanken zu „Spend money on US Shares of stock from Indian subcontinent is that All the facts in 10 minutes of time.“

  1. Important: Are you sure that SHORT TERM CAPITAL GAIN in US stocks converts to OTHER INCOMES for the sake of taxation in India for a resident Indian Citizen?
    Just wanted to be sure.

  2. I have done my college I am investing in US stock market from 3rd year of my college I have seen unbelievable growth in US stocks and it safe to invest in US. Using S&P 500 index fund I made 15.4% profit in 8 months. My target is 20% this year.

  3. Sir, it's very tempting to invest in TSLA now. After watching a multitude of videos on YouTube, it has given me the confidence that Tesla is on a road to success, to grow as big as Amazon or Apple in the near future. I believe I'm only delaying my time and profits by not rushing to invest.
    I have a small amount in savings, say about 3L. I don't depend on this as I am salaried. I have already registered on Vested. I'm yet to fund my account with this money. I'm looking at a long term investment in TESLA. Can I go all in and place my savings here? I understand this might not be a very a simple and a straight forward question to answer, but I hope to hear you out.
    To answer your final questions, do I understand US economy and politics – no, not at all.
    Can I accept a 30% loss in a single day – that'll be extremely hard, but looking at the scope & future of tesla, I can make sure to hold the investment and not sell it in panic.
    Do I understand currency fluctuations – not really. But I'm a little confident that INR will not catch up to USD anytime soon.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Sir I want to buy some Google stocks & leave it like this for long term like at least 5-10 years letting it to grow. Please suggest me cost wise which platform will be cheaper & reliable from the 5-10 yrs holding stock prospective…. among icici, hdfc, interactive brokers, vested finance.

    I feel it's more safer & sure gain opportunity to go for us top 5 big companies rather than investing in Indian mutual funds.

  5. Please give information about a mutual fund investing in us shares. And also can we invest only in USA or can we also invest in vietnam aswell.?

  6. Hi I jst checked out some stocks like Tesla, and I have a question : While i Check currency conversion, Rupee to US Stocks have been a negative graph, I am confused…
    This must be due to Rupee decline, But I would like to know how growth of these Stocks are calculated… ie in Dollar growth yes?

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