Demand in preparation in Machine Learning Firm on Blue

In this video, our Data Scientist, Guillem Ballesteros, will be taking you through the Machine Learning Studio of Microsoft Azure.

This tutorial video illustrates how to perform some basic data transformations and time series modeling using R and Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning. The video complements the Quick Start Guide to R in Azure ML at
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  1. This is the most helpful video i have found.
    The official documentation gave me the impression that one could only make predictions with the automl generated models using POWERBI, but this actually isn’t the case. Python (Jupyter here) for example, can also be used to consume the model, too. Is that correct?
    Is there a way to use the visual (web) interface of AZURE MACHINE LEARNING to conduct predictions on a small scale (lets say a dozen entries on an uploaded workbook) or is that not possible?
    I’m new and therefore having some hard time. Thank you

  2. Hello Stephen, your video is cool. I tried following your steps but got lost in the serialization. I can't fine the code at the github link you gave. Pls can you help me with the code? Thank you.

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