Might it be Wrong or Right for Fans to put in the Strictly?

Is it right or wrong for Christians to invest in the stock market? Investing in the stock market is a part of investing in a functioning economy and, if done right and for the right reasons, can be an incredible blessing. Learn more in today’s Little Lesson!

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Is It Wrong or Is It Right for Christians to Invest in the Stock Market?

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9 Gedanken zu „Might it be Wrong or Right for Fans to put in the Strictly?“

  1. Yeah this has prosperity Gospel written all over it. "God doesn't want us to lose money" uh huh. I say if less money gets me closer to God's purpose for my life then God give me less money

  2. It's all about our Relationship with God and money, according to my experience that God gave me.

    When I just started trading the Forex market, evil minds such as greed, materialism expectation, profit focus attention, and all everything took my mind(my heart) out from the Lord. It let me blamed Him when i lost all of my money. I'm such a wretch, worst worst human ever that blamed God, I should go to hell. I never did it before. I knew it was evil works.

    But, when my eyes are opened, I really felt guilty and very sorry for all i did to Him by my words inner my heart. I prayed that He will forgive all my sins. So, i decided to leave this market and agree to be living without having money like others. It is a trap for all mankind. During few years later after i left the market, God taught me a lot of thing to enhance my knowledge toward business perspectives through my jobs, university lectures, and my own business startup.

    When my relationship with God is right like the time I loved Him. He takes me back to this market again by working in the heart of people to ask me to help teach them how to trade Forex. But, still I don't wanna come back to this market due to my bad experience on blaming God. but by the grace of God. He totally changed my mind with the new mindset. This time, God really let me see it as the Art of Mathematics. Things that have to be focused are pop up in my mind, which are: clear concept of trading(5-3=2, 2 is the profit), money management(how to use the budget wisely without lossing but can be running red, how much budget it's safest for the least lot size 0.01): and trading strategy (knowing that we can't predict the future but we only know that the price can go only two ways up and down, no need to know the strategy that predict the price is gonna go up or down but just need to know what can make it 5-3=2 then we close when its 2) save money little by little until your balance is due to safest budget for 0.01 then change the lot size in next month. Withdraw your money when you're satisfied with the profit from that amount of equity. That's all.


    JESUS CHRIST is die for our sin. It's Only Him alone that can help us in everything. If we have Him in our heart, right relationship with Him, we will meet Him in the heaven. Satan is trying to make different kind of traps to make us not reach to Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is the Gate of heaven. Let's live in this world wisely to bring a lot of people to know Jesus so they can go to heaven. Let's take advantage from technology in this era to lift up and praise His name JESUS and JESUS who can save people from going to hell!

    Jesus is waiting for you as long as you have breath in this earth.. After this life on earth you will have no chance to repent all your sin before Jesus..

  3. I just can’t picture Jesus on the floor of the New York stock exchange taking buy and sell orders for Goldman Sachs.
    Nor. Can I see him playing poker at Caesar’s palace.

  4. I have been pondering this issue for a long time. The only answer I have come to is in the story where the master gave a certain amount of money to each servant. When he came back he scolded the servant who stored the money under the carpet and said he could have at least put it in the bank to gain interest. The other 2 were told that that they were good servants because they invested the money the master had given them. I guess that was my answer to this complex question.

  5. Lets just say it is wise to invest in the stock market: now you have to find a company in order with God’s will which most of these top 500 companies are evil, supporting harm on homosexuality, abortion and so many more evil things against the will of our lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Interesting subject. My opinion is, that it is okay to build up a reasonable amount for old age for yourself and your family. Question is of course: "What is reasonable?" Let me ask other questions to help you define that for yourself.
    1. "Is it reasonable for someone else to safe money for later, if I need that money right now to put food on the table?"
    2. "Is it reasonable for someone else to safe money for later, if some sort of calamity rose up and help is needed right now?"
    3. "Can I believe another Christian loves God and me, when it is in their power to help me overcome a present struggle (like loss of job because of illness and I risk losing the meager house I live in because I missed several payments already), but they find their own long term interests more important, while being totally provided for now, than my not-self-created immediate real needs?"
    We all must answer those questions in faith, that God will provide for us, whilst we are doing the Father's work.
    We all know we cannot serve God and money, yet in the rich parts of the world we often do serve money (our own interests) more than God, without ever realizing it.
    Saving up for a short while, to be able to make a better gift, is totally different from investing in the stock market.
    So it goes with many things. Where do we draw the line between self provided luxuries, like a holiday each year, or buying more clothes or shoes with our closets full already or allowing ourselves another visit to the restaurant, knowing that cooking ourselves is so much cheaper?

    While we are investing in a better kitchen for our church, because the fifteen year old we have now isn't that beautiful anymore, do we realize that the majority of the churches around the world do not have a kitchen at all, yet are preparing way much more meals for the many needy around them?

    We have sung ourselves to sleep in our weird culture of plenty with the majority of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world in real and pressing needs. Next question: "Is it not God, who is to take care of them, and not us?" Good one! How about that the apostle Paul was urged by the other apostles to teach the new congregations among the heathen to give more money to the needy in Jerusalem? And Paul tried hard to comply. Doesn't it say, that our plenty is there to help out other Christians shortages, so there would be equality? Doesn't the Bible teach that if it is in our might to do good, but we refuse to help, it is a sin and the Father's love cannot stay in us?
    Do we see any equality in the Christian world? Or do we see entitlement in certain areas and lack in others?
    So, let us search and try our ways and turn again to the Lord.
    Let not our money deceive us, for I am afraid it is a potent weapon in the devil's hand to destroy us.
    After all: it is not even our money. When we gave ourselves to Christ, and He gave Himself to us, wasn't that a total exchange? Do not we and all we get from Him totally belongs to Him and are we not supposed to be stewards instead of owners of His blessings?
    So the litmus test to see if someone is a real disciple of Christ Jesus, is to see how he/she behaves towards money. Do you stand the test?
    May God bless you and make you a blessing.

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