Why need to All of us Impede Making investments With a 401(k)?

Nicole and her husband are trying to get on the same page with their finances, but he’s unsure of stopping his 401(k) contribution to pay off debt.

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20 Antworten auf „Why need to All of us Impede Making investments With a 401(k)?“

  1. My advice is if you are scared of debt listen to him, but if you understand how to use it as an advantage to increase your income, and aren’t scared of taking that risk… then do that

  2. DEBT is not an EXCUSE to NOT INVEST in a 401k. A 401k is an account that cannot be touched. Put ANYTHING you can. Big or small. Start planting those seeds no matter the debt. Because getting old is INEVITABLE. There will be a point where money is needed but the body (or mind) cannot be used as a vessel to create money. Your debt will always be there. But having a 401k is life changing

  3. I didnt really like dave at first. The more and more I watch his content I think personally he really good for getting people out of debt and possibly taking them to millionaire status. I think the reason I didnt really like him was because thats not my end goal. But I gotta become a millionaire before I can become a multimillionaire and a multimillionaire before a billionaire. Not everybody has to be along for the full ride. I think dave is really good at getting people out of debt and to millionaire status though

  4. This is the only thing I disagree with Dave on. I have been able to manage paying student loans while contributing over 20% of my income to my 401k. The problem is with not participating with the 401k, you are missing out on TIME. time to get those dividends and compounding interest. Yes, I know I am still paying interest on my student loans, but I don’t want to miss out on TIME being in the stock market.

  5. This is the only thing I disagree with… don't throw away free money…. and get the 401k match, then everything else to the debt. ( That is usually only 3-5 percent anyway, but then you are saving 6-10 percent with half the investment)

  6. If you're employer offers a match you should contribute up to the match unless you are about to be homeless or something that serious. Your employer is instantly doubling your investment.

  7. 401k give you pennies and Wall Street wolves make millions. People should know the truth about this scam where IRS and Wall Street gets the biggest numbers and you pennies.

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