Learn how to an investment of Rs 1 800,200 in Native Stock exchange? | Trade Common sense

In this video, we’ll discuss how to invest Rs 1,000 in Indian Share market? This video will be helpful for the beginners who are stuck to start their journey in the Indian share market.

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Investing Rs 1,000 in share market may be the most significant step that you take this year as it will open the door for your future investment opportunities to make an amazing return from the market. I hope this video is useful to you. Cheers!

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Generally, when we invest our money in the stock market, we need to do thorough research. It is because the stock market is risky. The stock prices fluctuate a lot. It could give you a 100% return in no time and can also fall 50%.

So the biggest question investors face is – Where to invest the money? What is the right price to invest? What if the stock price fall?

In this video, I have discussed 8 stocks in India where you can invest blindly! In fact, you can invest your money every month irrespective of the stock price.

Disclaimer: This video is only for education purpose. Consult your financial Advisor before investing your money.
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38 Gedanken zu „Learn how to an investment of Rs 1 800,200 in Native Stock exchange? | Trade Common sense“

  1. vyaapaar mein mere sabhee nukasaan ke baad, shreemaan tifanee ne mujhe instaagraam par vaastav mein bhayaanak sampark karane mein 10,000 dolar se adhik kee kamaee karane mein madad kee @tiffaa__doraa

  2. Not a recommendation just a suggestion for next 10 yrs :
    1.HDFC Bank

    1.HCL Tech
    2. Invest in us tech stocks

    1.HUL – For next 10 yrs
    2. ITC – May be more than 10 yrs (this may test your patience)

    1. TATA Motors (At the entry level of 170 and buy on dip) – may be for more than 10 yrs

    1. TATA Power

    1. Relaxo
    And 1 more stock may be from pharma (Of Your choice)

  3. I own quesscorp, dmart, hdfc amc, hdfc life, SIS, NIPPON AMC, Thyrocare, icici sec, godrej agrovet, ujjivan sfb, sbi cards and dmart

  4. @Sahil Bhadviya – I find your videos very useful. They are highly data-driven and to the point. Keep up the good work. Any reason for excluding Britannia Industries from the list?

  5. hi sahil bhai, please update if I invest 10k in each of these 8 stocks. Will I get 1 CR after 10 years. if no, then please advise how much I need to invest to get 1 CR. I will adjust somehow and If there are other ways to get 1 CR after 10 years. Please help me bro. I am currently abroad and looking for investments to get 1 CR. This is not fake. Please advise bro. Thanks.

  6. Only Titan, HUL, HDFC bank are nit there in my portfolio, Titan I feel risky as most of people now a days, not preferring gold, they are planning to invest not in gold, so there wil be less growth in this stock.

    HUL – Mainly foreign promoters holding, and their business is very much comperative bussiness, so they might have to face price war between the products, and they are not monopoly in any product, I feel oevrdiverfied so profits and margins will be less, so I will go with Nestle on behalf of HUL.

    HDFC Bank – I am holding other financial like Bajaj finance and SBI cards, so if I add hdfc bank then it will be overdivesified, and it has more weightage in my MF portfolio, so I am not going with it.

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