10 Gedanken zu „Should always Certain people Actually buy US Stocks and shares in their Income tax 100% free Savings Account? (TFSA Everybody Carries)“

  1. Hey paper bag man. So I have about 4K in sphd and spyd in my tfsa. Been getting dividends which I know they take 15% in withholding tax. I’ve been thinking about this and was wondering if I should sell this and buy into a growth us stock. What would you recommend. I know capital gains would be tax free so I figured it may be better to invest that 4K in a growth stock. Please let me know what you think would be best to do. Thanks

  2. if I am an american and buy US stock in 2018, sell in 2020, $1000 return, I will have a tax on the capital gain. But as a Canadian I buy the same US stock in 2018 in my TFSA account, sell in 2020, same return, I don't need to pay capital gain tax? Wouldn't US put a FWT Foreign Withholding Tax on the $1000 capital gain? Don't quite get it. I understand that US will put a FWT tax if this stock yiled some dividents when I am holding this stock. but don't understand US will not put a FWT tax on the capital gain for Canadian in TFSA account. And also if this is not in TFSA account, would US put the FWT tax on this $1000 capital gain?

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