One of the best High-tech Shares of stock for 2020!

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2019 was absolutely dominated by tech.

Last year Apple and Microsoft combined for almost 15% of the overall stock market’s gains. And of the top 10 best performing stocks in the S&P 500 from last year, half were tech companies.

As impressive as the tech and software space has been recently, our analysts think this may be just the beginning of the tech takeover.

To show investors how they can potentially cash in, our team will be live on our YouTube channel today to talk about:

– Why the top gainers stocks have been in tech
– The best tech stocks to buy now

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19 Gedanken zu „One of the best High-tech Shares of stock for 2020!“

  1. The Motley Fool is a great value. I’ve started with “Stock Advisor” newsletter because I’m just starting and have no money, but I feel I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. After I sell one of my ups, I might upgrade my service with them. They have over 50 stock analysts employed full time and it shows.

  2. Do these analysts think that they know sign language? Can they give a simple answer without a lot of hand-waving? Or is it a distraction from some of their evasive answers?

  3. If you invest in the best company and you do nothing, now you will get 800% gain. Of course, but it's a big if…How about so many other companies, which looked great at the moment, but went bankrupt ? It's called survior bias…

  4. Well Explained stock trading video, After months of profitless trading i have come to a point where I can trade and make profit all thanks to Mr Romero pieto Cheers to you.

  5. Love your guy's production quality! I do a lot of videos myself, BUT, where in the world did you get that AMAZING desk. It's perfect for what you guys do. I want to buy one. Keep up the great work, guys!

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