How produce works in store market?

How compounding works in stock market?

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Compound interest means reinvesting earned interest back into the principal of an investment Although investment returns aren’t guaranteed, compound interest can potentially help your investments grow exponentially over time.

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28 Gedanken zu „How produce works in store market?“

  1. Suppose I buy a share worth 100₹. After 10years its price increases to 1000₹. I can't understand the role of compounding here. Pl explain this.

  2. Hii Sir

    Please make video on Compounding of Money and Effect

    With where we invest to get good compound interest

    It's my personal request to you

  3. Share market mein Paisa sa stock kharida to sirf stock ka price he na barta hai, ya compound kaisa hoga per year Jabtak purchasing aor selling nahi Kiya jay…..

  4. Manlijiye sher humne issal 1000 par buy kiya or usper 10% int mila agle sal sher ki price 1200 hai or to par 10% milega ? Tnq. From Gujarat

  5. Calculation difference is exaggerated and wrong. For the girls amount, the original starting 10k has been deducted. So the guys earnings should be 66122.5

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