I look an Aje to estimate the investment (98% accurateness!)

Making a Python Machine Learning program that predicts the stock market! Hope you enjoyed this video.
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20 Antworten auf „I look an Aje to estimate the investment (98% accurateness!)“

  1. I'm sure your parents proud of you but the truth is you have to focus to explain what you learned instead of what you succeed in. Because most of the time you will make a mistake (like all the people who made awesome things).

  2. Lack of know how in the stock market is b*tch. if you're not bluffing and this really works, you should be very careful and not communicate this at all. But I think you're either not telling the truth or something is wrong they way you try to predict. This can make you a million dollars in a couple of months with just 1k input if you add the right market strategy.

  3. I think that a good approach would be using returns or percentage of changes as it is already normalized and you don't need to really know the exact predicted price, in the field if you at least know or you are a bit sure about some percentage change tomorrow or in the next days or whatever your timeframe is, then you could use that information in a real trade to at least set some good threshold in a limit sell.

  4. Sorry to distroy your dreams, but this is not that easy. Predicting stocks or the forex is a hard job. and 98% accuracy is not reachable. Especially not with linear regression. If you happen to have an AI with over 60% on the long term, you are a rich guy!

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