Launching Moment in time Assortment Interpretation and forecasting

Introducing Time Series Analysis and forecasting

This is the first video about time series analysis. It explains what a time series is, with examples, and introduces the concepts of trend, seasonality and cycles.
For more about time series, and using Excel for time series forecasting, see
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7 Gedanken zu „Launching Moment in time Assortment Interpretation and forecasting“

  1. I have multivariante time series data where I have condition and control across time. What test should I use to know their significance between these two data.

  2. Dear Professor, thanx a lot.I would like to ask you to put more videos on time series. Also, could you explain the difference between strict and weak stationary processes.Arent they the same? if not what is the main difference?? thank you in advance.

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