14 Antworten auf „Is the Stock exchange Slot?“

  1. Trading stocks is the best thing I have ever learned in my live, it is a lifestyle, I invite everyone to explore trading not just for money but to understand the global economy and how it could improve your life.

  2. Cool video, but there's a greater reason the stock market is not gambling.

    One depends on the fall of a dice or card. The other involves purchasing part of a productive company that you expect will do well, hopefully for years to come.

    All pensions are kept using investment vehicles, such as bonds and stocks. So unless all pensioners are gamblers, calling the stock market gambling is missing a big point

  3. Its a game of numbers playing with risk and probabilities. Ot may not be ‘all in’ gambling but its still a game. Technically you own a piece of the company, are a silent stakeholder, but you are still hedging BETS on multiple companies.

  4. says nothing to sell, ends up the video in itself was an ad for the free course that ofcourse will link to another course (but their is a catch this time its paid)

  5. You rock man thanks for the video! You're like Bert Chrysler's younger brother who made all straight A's.

  6. Seriously, though if you place a trade at the end of a trading day, risking an adverse gap for which you cannot manage risk, now even according to this short vid, you are gambling.

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