One Carries that A Primate Can Have So much better Gurus

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19 Gedanken zu „One Carries that A Primate Can Have So much better Gurus“

  1. I get this but what if u got into some of the big winners early on like I did with Apple, Netflix, amazon and illumina? This def was way more than 12%.

  2. 1. The story with the monkeys is metaphorical, the actual studies were made with random computer algorithms.
    2. Mutual funds are managed by experts. So you are saying people have no advantage with mutual funds over single stock picking. Maybe it’s because of the fees.

  3. Day trading is not investing. Nothing to do with investing. You are in a position for a matter of seconds or minutes on a particular stock trying to capture a 10% – 50% move based on the stocks momentum on news, its volume, its moving average on 1 minute or 5 minute charts, and other factors. But you are OUT of the position after the trade. You are NOT holding the stocks overnight or for days, weeks…Also, a true day trader will have the proper trading platform such as Lightspeed where commissions on trades are low and it provides Level 2 trading information such as Bid and Ask and shares size and orders in real time. Day trading is a skill like playing golf, being a carpenter, or anything else that requires skill and acumen. Don’t confuse day trading with investing on any level. There are also many rules governing day trading such as the PDT rule. Pattern Day Trader which requires an account of $25K to be able to get trades settled and trade each day. If below $25K you can only do 3 trades in a 5 day period. Most traders will also use a margin account which is borrowed money from the broker to short stocks. In general, the stocks traders are focused on for volatility will trade for $1 to about $12 per share. A trader can buy 4000 shares of a $3 stock with momentum at the open and a price movement of .20 cents to $3.20 taking a quick profit selling 4000 shares making $800 in maybe a few minutes.

  4. If you bought coke cola stocks 50 years ago and that’s the only stock you owned, you would outperform any expert mutual fund Dave buys. Same thing goes for Disney, apple etc. The point is buying stocks is a buying a piece of the business. So if you buy a business as great as coke cola, how is that even risky? Dave your super knowledgable guy but sometimes opinions that are not founded on much research should probably be best keep for you and your fishing buddies

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