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  1. I wish they would have had that on Grand Theft Auto V online the stock market I won't have to worry so much Rockstar. games taking my money away I would not worry about the money like I have been

  2. Hey, I did something [idk if its a glitch or not but I tripled my money in a few minutes]. The thing is that I did it on a non updated game because I was playing story mode: So I recommend you cloud saving your data if you want to try. Delete the game (don't wipe your save games if you can but at this point you must have backed it up) then reinstall it and don't update

    So, lemme explain.
    1. The game was outdated
    2. I finished the story line and had around $10/20M on each characters.
    3. Load up your usual save game that you restored from the cloud.
    4. Load up your game and go to your house.
    5. Check for Merryweather that should be around 25$ per share.
    6. Invest all
    7. Save your game by sleeping BUT be careful to save in a new slot just in case it doesn't work
    8. Close GTA 5
    9. Reopen GTA 5 and load the story mode (select play without update when it boots up)
    10. you will reappear in your house and you immediately check your stocks.

    At this point you should be done with a lot more money so sell everything and restart the process if you want more.

    It worked for me and I am telling you what I did and MAYBE, it will work for you.
    Also, I updated my game to play online and tried that "glitch" before commenting this on your video and I went from $2.440B to $2.470B – only $3M more, so I suppose it has been patched and this is why it works on older versions.

    Feel free to try and made a video about it if it works. ✌
    [Ps. I found this when trying to follow one of your tutorials]

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