How to purchase Carries In Singapore | Step By Step Educational course

In this video, I will be giving you a step by step tutorial on how to buy stocks in Singapore. Starting from finding a brokerage, opening an account, and buying stocks itself. Enjoy!

To open a CDP account:
Dollar and sense brokerage comparison:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – Finding Brokerage
4:04 – Open Account
4:45 – Buying Stocks

18 Gedanken zu „How to purchase Carries In Singapore | Step By Step Educational course“

  1. Hi Kelvin, what happens to stocks if they dont get matched (i bought STI ETF stocks after the market operating hours with "good for today" as the duration without realizing T_T)? Will I still have to pay the fees?

  2. Hi kelvin! Ive open up a cdp and dbs vickers account but unfortunately my dbs vickers is not yet linked to cdp? What about yours? Did yours auto linked or is there a need for me to link it manually? Does opening a cdp account thru dbs website or direct to cdp itself makes a difference to the whole linkage thingy? Thanks!

  3. Hi Kelvin, I made a lumpsum investment into Nikko AM, as well as using POSB invest saver to invest regularly into Nikko AM. Are there any problems with holding the same stock/ETF in different accounts? Additionally, for DBS vickers, will it auto deduct from the linked multiplier account, or do I have to transfer manually? thank you.

  4. Just open a DBS Vickers account. I had a PhillipCapital account, but I did not touch it for years. Will there be any issues? By the way, if i start to buy stocks in Vickers account and accidentally key in a very big number, will there be any check if I have enough fund? thanks!

  5. Hi Kelvin, it has been a tough journey to learn about stocks but very enriching. But I don't understand why few stocks' prices are flat – no ups or downs – like ES 5RC? I put an order but can't buy? Thanks for your insights.

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