Own provides you with of Hospital Stockpile and also their on hospitalization! [Buy majority of these or invest in stockpile?]

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Should you consider buying shares of Hospital Stock instead of buying medical insurance policy? Learn more about the benefit and pitfalls of owning hospital share to get significant discount on hospitalization costs.

United Hospital Builders ad website: https://www.carousell.ph/p/paranaque-doctors-hospital-share-stock-1006102197/?t-id=GUrA-drobf_1593693972174&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=R7jvK5y4ELMANYsl&t-referrer_search_query=hospital%20stocks&t-referrer_sort_by=popular
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This is a tour of the new hospital in Tacloban City.

35 Antworten auf „Own provides you with of Hospital Stockpile and also their on hospitalization! [Buy majority of these or invest in stockpile?]“

  1. Hi I have a question or two, namely,
    First, if I sell real estate property in the Philippines, the proceeds is in check form and peso denominated, what is the best way to
    – convert it to dollar denomination and transfer it in full or partially to the US and,

    – what is the tax implications of such sale and/or transfer?

    Second, can I use other financial institutions other than traditional banks to make the the transfer?

    Third, what is the most efficient, safest and cheapest way to make the transfer?

    Thank you!

  2. Filipinos buy shares in Country Clubs and private Golf courses which are bought and sold or even leased out by club members. This Hospital scheme seems like the same type of setup. It's not common but I guess get a good lawyer to go over the membership details. One bypass surgery can cost up to 5 million pesos so a USD50K membership would make sense

  3. Comments lang Sir, pwede po ba sa next vlog nyo feature nyo kung ano ano company ang pwede tawagan para ma ship ko sa philippines itong car ko. Thank you I'm sure marami pilipino dito sa USA ang gusto malaman yan.

  4. Good day! I am informed that a TIN number is required to open a bank account in the Philippines. I reviewed the website of the BIR and am trying to determine which form is most appropriate – 1901 or 1904? I hold a dual citizenship as do my children born in the US but has Philippine citizenship through me. Form 1904 seems to be only for a one-time business transaction but a bank account would be ongoing use, so I am unsure. Thanks for your advice.

  5. In my opinion it will be risk … when the time comes that you will need to use the hospital services offered .. that might pump out a lot of excuses and probably end up looking for other hospital cheers

  6. Hi Vlogger Grandpa. Thanks for your videos. I have a question about an ad for a condo I just saw.
    "Studio Condominium Unit inside Pampanga , Philippines


    Sale of the long term leasehold rights until year 2060

    40 sq.m

    It will be finished and delivered as ready to use condition with all the fixtures, air-conditioning and cabinetry

    Except for Appliances and Furniture

    Total of 5 towers up to 15 floors each tower"

    What does it mean about the long term lease? Will I lose everything I paid and the unit at 2060? Do I still need to pay property tax of 6% yearly if I lease this?

  7. There is another good ‘hospital investment’ if you are over 59 years old. How would you like a 30% discount at ANY HOSPITAL IN PHL for a small investment of only 50 USD? BECOME A DUAL CITIZEN (50 USD fee).
    Pinoy seniors enjoy VAT exemption plus 20% discount on hospital bills and other medical/dental fees. If the total hospital bill is 100K PHP, a senior dual citizen will pay 70.4K PHP. Not bad for a 50 USD ‘investment’.

  8. The reason I invest in stocks (real estate) is for the future appreciation value of the stock. The perks as you describe is just that perks — icing on the cake. I'm not clear on the issue?

  9. great investment! make a part 2 of this topic pag nakapag research po kayo. I hope this meron ganyan sa asian hospital and st.lukes global city. God bless po always.

  10. Nice! in my heart im really happy for Tacloban besh – kasi na watch ko dati yung nangyari dyan.. nakakatuwa na may ospital na kayong bago..
    tska super complete ah — may ICU, may pang CTscan may pang mammography pa!! nakakatuwa! nice pa yang murals nga yan – reminded how Tacloban started again 🙂

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